Streamline has already created a new genre of game, now it can provide another source of income for streamers.  Developer Proletariat Inc. is calling it a Stream-first game where viewers can bet and affect the outcome of the game they are watching.


Image courtesy of Proletariat Inc.

Proletariat Inc. is allowing viewers to purchase the game directly from Twitch, via Twitch Bounty, when viewers purchase the game, the streamer received 30% revenue kickback.  This means that streamers and the game developers are being supported.

Streamline pits Runners, who run around gathering points, against Hunters who are trying to stop them. adds desktop, mobile and tablet Twitch integration.  The app allows viewers to bet on outcomes and purchase modifiers to trigger during the game.

Streamline is free for Twitch Prime subscribers until the end of the month and can be purchased as early release from Twitch and Steam.  With the official release slated for December 31st, 2016 we have added the Early Access trailer for you to check out below:

Official Streamline Website.