Square Enix, the masterminds behind such role-playing classics as Final Fantasy (not that we needed to remind you), have released a mobile Role-Playing Game (RPG) for iOS and Android devices; Guardian Codex.

Guardian Codex

Courtesy: Youtube

From the same team that brought you Guardian Cross, Guardian Codex is set in a universe enveloped by war where you play as the Resistance forces looking to defend their way of life against the Empire.  Gameplay takes place inside a virtual ‘Codex’ where players will go on an epic adventure to acquire legendary Guardians.  These Guardians will form the crux of the player’s fighting arsenal as they take on the Empire.

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Guardian Codex digs deep and pulls out some impressive 3D graphics from compatible mobile devices, and a multiplayer focus brings players together to battle the Empire.  Up to four players can combine their forces at any one time to take on the strongest opponents in the game, and Square Enix have also teased in-game events and bonus rewards coming at some point in the future.

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Off the back of the success of Guardian Cross and Square Enix’s wide array of other Role-Playing Games, there were in excess of 300,000 pre-registrations prior to the launch of Guardian Codex.  That is not enough for the illustrious developers, though, who have announced that those who download the game will also receive a 4-Star Banshee Guardian, 6,000 Codex Credits, and five Magic Stones to begin their journey into the fantastical world.  Additionally, a special login promotion will begin on November 6th, gifting players with even more Codex Credits for each day they log in to the game – easy!

You can pick up Guardian Codex free of charge now from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Source: Square Enix