Riot Games has championed its rotation of extracurricular game modes in the last year, bringing a different objective to the world of League of Legends with game modes like Ascension, Hexakill, and URF which provide a necessary relief from the toil of regular games on Summoner’s Rift.  Of course, players have noticed that the latter of those modes, URF, has been particularly absent from the rotation for the last few months which is disappointing, as it is by far and away the fan favourite out of all the modes.


For those of you playing at home who aren’t particularly familiar with League of Legends, URF stands for Ultra Rapid Fire and is a throwback to a long-running in-joke in the League of Legends community regarding the ‘fallen champion’ Urf.  Within the mode, all champions receive drastically reduced cooldowns, limitless mana, and their abilities are greatly exaggerated, making it an extravaganza of the absurd.

It’s easy to see why it’s the fan-favourite among the bonus game modes, and why players have sorely missed it in the last few months.

URF League of LegendsRiot Games confirmed recently that the reason that Ultra Rapid Fire has been missing from the rotation is solely because of the new client update.  Most players would now be using the new League of Legends client, which is an aesthetic masterpiece compared to its predecessor, but the reality is that all of the new game modes need to be adjusted to work properly with the new client – and URF is yet to get that treatment.

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We’ve already seen Ascension added to the roster of playable modes on the new client but it’s now a waiting game to see when URF will get the same treatment.  While the fantastical game mode certainly isn’t gone for good, we’re still unsure when we’ll be spamming 360 degree Lux ultimates all up in your face next.

What is your favourite part of the new League of Legends client?  

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Images: Riot Games