Maguss Map

Image courtesy of The Maguss Development Team

The Maguss Development Team, supported by Arrow Electronics are bringing magic to the muggles with their new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game, Maguss Wand.  Players will use a wand peripheral to cast spells, battle monsters, explore and duel other wizards.  The best way we can explain it is that Maguss is Harry Potter meets Pokémon GO.


The team is using crowd funding to finally get it to a release standard.  We have seen the wand in operation up to two years ago and it is great to see where Maguss is heading.  You can usually pick out people playing Pokemon GO, imagine walking into a park and seeing wand wavers around.

The wand is an optional peripheral as you can play the game purely on the mobile screen.  Create potions, find ingredients while walking around the real world and you will be able to share them with friends.