In today’s market, physical releases of high-profile games have often taken a backseat to digital distribution platforms such as Steam and Good Old Games (GOG), but THQ Nordic has nonetheless teamed up with Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries to produce and promote physical copies of Halo Wars 2, which releases on February 21st, 2017.

Purchasers of Halo Wars 2 will have two options, either the standard release of the game, set to retail at $59.99 USD, or, for an extra twenty dollars, the Ultimate Edition, which comes with a Season Pass for the game, a remastered version of the original Halo Wars, and, as an extra reward, is purchasable on February 17th, a full four days earlier than the digital and Standard Edition release dates.

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The Season Pass offers six months of free updates, including, according to THQ Nordic, new leaders to play as, new campaigns which will expand on the story of Halo Wars 2, and new units to take into battle.  Both games will be available on Windows 10 and playable on Microsoft’s Xbox Anywhere, which allows users to play enabled games from their Windows 10 PC on their Xbox One.


Source: THQ Nordic