At a CES press conference today, Samsung announced that they had moved more than five million units of their Gear VR product into the hands of eager customers since it launched in November 2015.  It is a significant milestone for the mobile technology branch of the company, who continue to compete with heavyweights Google and Microsoft in the realm of mobile, affordable virtual reality options.

Gear VR Samsung

While there weren’t any concrete sales figures revealed at the press conference, Samsung did go so far as saying that 10 millions hours of video content had been watched on the Gear VR since its release.  Quick, do the maths.  That is just two hours of Virtual Reality video watched per device on average.

Given that it is by no means cheap, though affordable in relation to some of its competitors, that is not a particularly large return on investment for consumers who have doled out for the product.

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Virtual Reality video content is a big player in the VR race as video games continue to evolve from what were rudimentary examples a few years ago.  If users are only getting two hours of use out of their Virtual Reality device, then something is missing.

While there are several apps offering video content for the Gear VR, including Samsung VR, there clearly is not enough to keep consumers coming back for more.

Got a Gear VR?  Let us know what content you would like to see more of on your device.

Source: Polygon