One of the great innovations that evolving multiplayer games has brought us is the ability to celebrate festivities with our online friends.  Octoberfest, Christmas, the New Year and just around the corner is Halloween.  Bungie is helping you and your Destiny friends celebrate with the Festival of the Lost.

Festival of the Lost Destiny

Image taken from official trailer

Social spaces are creepily decorated and you can hunt down cosmetic items for your characters to further add to the creepiness.  Discover the Treasures of the Lost with access to new masks, emotes, consumables and more.

Get a party together and seek out quests found in the Iron Temple, the new social space introduced in the Rise of Iron expansion.  Find drops that are only going to be available in this time of celebrating the dead.

Festival of the Lost starts Tuesday 25th, October 2016 and will play right through until November 8th, 2016.  Bungie has released a trailer for the Festival of the Lost which you can check out below.

Is this the way you wish to celebrate Halloween??  Is it better than candy??  Are you too old to get away with trick or treating?  Let us know what you get from the celebration in the comments section below.

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