“No Mr V. Reality, I Expect You to Die”.  VR Experience can put you in many various situations and Schell Games are giving you the chance to be a super spy.  I Expect You to Die has just been released for the Oculus Rift and PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR).

I expect you to die

Image provided by Schell Games

Even before it launched, I Expect You to Die won various industry awards and nominations.  This included Proto Awards’ 2015 for Best Overall Experience, Best Gameplay and Best Interactive Design.  Now that it has been released you can experience the Virtual Reality Puzzle Game for yourself.

Complete and survive deadly missions by using your problem-solving skills and wits.  Your ultimate goal is to thwart the evil Dr Zor and he will try to stop you with deadly traps and tricks.  Spies will face four unique situations from being trapped on a high window washing platform to being deep underwater in a submarine.

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Each location brings an intense and treacherous experience, along with plenty of humour and the occasional cigar.  Jump into the special briefing at the start of the game preparing you for what lies ahead.  Not every spy will make it, “Will you survive my traps? Perhaps, but I Expect You to Die

We have provided the video below for you decide if this is a mission you choose to accept.  I Expect You to Die is now available for $33.95 AUD ($24.99 USD).


Source: Schell Games