Dungeon Rushers is a parody strategy dungeon-crawling Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by Goblinz Studio and published by Goblinz Studio alongside WhisperGames.  The game was released on September 7th, 2016 for PC.

Dungeon Rushers has you take on the role of Elion, a young man who is sick of his boring life and wishes to become an adventurer to seek out the three G’s, gold, glory and girls (his words).  He decides to leave home armed with a toilet brush, and start clearing out some dungeons.

The game has quite a few different elements to it.  Exploration, combat, inventory management, crafting, bartering, a skills system and plenty more.  You will spend almost the same amount of time taking part in each of these different gameplay elements, all of which are interesting and are welcome additions to the game.

Dungeon Rushers

Source: http://dungeon-rushers.com/

The exploration in Dungeon Rushers has you working your way through a maze of tunnels and rooms, as you clear them of enemies, traps and loot.  The map for each Dungeon is laid out in tiles, with each area being one tile.  Unless you make use of an ability which assists towards clearing the map, any area you have not been to yet is blacked out.  This causes you to think carefully about what abilities to use when, as you never know what you might come across.  Some abilities help you clear traps, some allow you a small bonus at the beginning of combat and some help you in certain other ways of exploration, such as locating one sole treasure room.  You need not uncover 100% of the map either unless you like working towards the occasional bonus objective for each dungeon.  In order to finish a dungeon, all you need to do is find the main treasure room, which allows you to loot and leave.  Though doing this causes you to forfeit any experience or extra loot you could receive.

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Source: http://dungeon-rushers.com/

The combat in the game is turn-based, and the order of the characters and enemies is determined by the speed attribute: highest to lowest speed, and you then have your combat rounds.  Each character has three different attacks which they can perform, their main attack which costs no mana, and two attacks which do cost mana.  The main attack is your general kind of strike which that class would use, like a sword attack or lute strum from the bard.  You can only perform one action per turn, including using health potions, so you really need to make sure you are thinking ahead and not just for what could work at the time.  You also need to be aware and remember what each different enemy can do, and what they are weak against in order to increase your odds of winning each battle.  You can also equip different weapons, armour and trinkets to aid you, but while some may give some great stats, they may also drain others, so make sure you give the right equipable to the right person.


Source: http://dungeon-rushers.com/

As you ‘rush’ into each dungeon as they call it, you will find many different rooms along the way.  Some of these rooms will have events, which can give you a benefit or a curse, so it is sometimes a risky thing to do.  But some bonus objectives require you to inspect all events, so you’re going to have to if you want to maximise your earnings.  Other rooms provide loot, you generally won’t find much in the way of equipment, but you will find a lot of crafting materials, which actually seem like junk for the first five or so levels.  When you finally unlock the workshop, these come in handy for creating gear, trinkets, potions and even higher grade crafting materials.  So unless you are desperate for gold, hold on to everything so you can craft whatever you need as you get it.  The only problem with the equipment, though,  is that you never actually see it on your characters.  Each of them has a reset look which doesn’t change.  For example, if you so choose to, you can outfit the bard character in a complete set of iron armour and an axe, but when you see him in combat, he will still be wearing simple clothes and holding his lute.  So for those of you out there who like the aesthetical style of kitting out your characters, you may be sorely disappointed.


Source: http://dungeon-rushers.com/

The visuals in Dungeon Rushers give a slightly nostalgic feel while also making sure to utilise a visual aesthetic which doesn’t seem out of place in this current generation of gaming.  The game is completely 2D, and it gives an almost tabletop feel to it, especially in the exploration parts, as you move around tile to tile hoping to score some sweet loot.  The audio is rather fitting as well, it’s very atmospheric in the exploration areas, but then when combat kicks in, you get that epic fantasy-style background music you would expect from a genre such as this.  The sounds of the attacks are also satisfying, as you hear your weapons smack and stab the enemies or the strum of the lute from the bard, it is all very pleasing to the ear.  There is no spoken dialogue in Dungeon Rushers, and it is all in text boxes, but there isn’t all that much of it, and when there is it is always funny and interesting to read, finding out more about the characters and this paradoxical fantasy world you are involved in.


Dungeon Rushers is a fun and challenging game for those into strategy RPGs.  While it does feel like it could easily have been a mobile game, others may appreciate a game like this being on a bigger screen and with the ability to have a deeper involvement, we certainly did.  You don’t need to become wholly immersed in the game to be able to just play and have a bit of fun, and that is where Dungeon Rushers shines.  It is great for a multitude of gamers but only those who truly love a challenge will stick with it until the end.

Dungeon Rushers

AUD $21
Dungeon Rushers










          • Multiple gameplay elements
          • Satisfying turn-based combat
          • Funny take on the heroic RPG


          • No aesthetical change from equipment
          • Feels like a mobile phone game