You get home from work or school and decide you want something to numb your brain in the good ol’ fashioned hack and slash way, sit down in front of your PC and browse through the Steam market and come across this little gem, Blood Alloy: Reborn, the brain-child of Suppressive Fire Games.

The basis of this game is simple, old school shooter/ hack and slash, for that basis the Blood Alloy: Reborn does REALLY well, however, that is about where it stops.  You play as Nia Rhys, you have been involved in an accident with a warp generator and lost most of your body, however, due to modern day technology and the miracles of science, you have now got a kick-ass cybernetic suit to house your nervous system and some of the remaining muscular system, this allows you to be more agile, take more hits and overall just look cool.  But this is where our story really ends.  There is no real plot to get lost in, no story to live, just that you are now 90% robot and you have a gun and sword.

The tutorial was quite informative and covered all mechanics and abilities that you would need to slice through your enemies or blast them away in a barrage of plasma-based hellfire.  However, the tutorial did drag on a lot and really became repetitive and boring as you wait to see when you can finally get into the fray.

Blood Alloy Tutorial LevelThe combat system is fluid and easy to use, however as with most old titles with the ol’ combo multiplier, you are left to kill things as fast as you can to build your combo multiplier before it resets.  Upon reaching 10x multiplier you have the option to move to a captured ally to release them from the clutches of a flying enemy, however, while this is a cool addition to add to the game, you kind of wonder is it really worth running from one side of the map to the other just to attempt to save someone and get a small amount of health back.  While there were a plethora of mobs to run through, this still left you wondering what exactly you were doing there in the first place.  You are equipped with a sword and a pistol, the pistol can be charged in 3 stages to fire a stronger blast in a very Samus Aran firing style, that is the most of your offensive arsenal.  While these are sufficient, you can not help but wonder why there weren’t pickups to augment your weapons charge or change the weapon completely, this would have given you something to strive for.

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Aesthetically the game looked amazing, well-designed levels and an amazing soundtrack, which from the menu, you can select which track you would like to slaughter more robots to, the in-game sounds were relevant and quite pleasing to the ear.  But, sadly, with any good must come some bad.  While character models were pleasing to the eye and the worlds were well thought out and amazing, there was still only a small area for combat and some of those spaces felt blank.  Nothing a good patch can’t fix, though!


Overall Blood Alloy: Reborn was a fun hack and slash to bolt around a map and fill in a 30-minute block of free time, but sadly that is about where the fun stops.  Other than racking up a high score, there is no real incentive to keep playing.  In saying that, the game has full potential to be something great, but this feels more like a beta release that still needs a polish and some more content added in.  We are hoping for big things from Blood Alloy: Reborn and let’s face it, as a gamer, we can always hope.

Blood Alloy: Reborn

AUD $17.45
Blood Alloy: Reborn












            • Great Soundtrack
            • Great Visuals
            • Amazing Concept


            • Uber Grindy
            • Lack of Story
            • Gets old really quickly
            • Repetitive
            • Leaves you unsatisfied