Space Hulk: Deathwing

Source: Streum On Studio

Hi there, folks!  With Christmas right around the corner, here is BLOT Gaming’s Top Ten most interesting games being released this December.  All dates are based on official websites where possible, and all ranks are opinion-based.  From top to bottom, starting with number ten, here we go!


10.  Space Hulk: Deathwing: A first-person squad-based shooter rooted in the lore of Warhammer 40,000.  Players take control of a member of the Deathwing, an elite company of Space Marines, and climb aboard a daemonic warped Space Hulk, the wreck of a bygone era of technology, to purge Xenos and suffer not the heretic to live.  Space Hulk: Deathwing will be released on December 9th.

The Last Guardian

Source: Team Ico

9.  The Last GuardianIn development since 2007, The Last Guardian is Team Ico’s first new project since the PlayStation 2 era.  Trailers through the years have shown the same devotion to their craft and understanding of scale as fans have come to expect from the colossal developer.  The Last Guardian will be released on December 6th.


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

8.  The Mean Streets of GadgetzanAn expansion to Blizzard’s hit card game, HearthstoneThe Mean Streets of Gadgetzan draws influence from Wizards of the Coast’s ‘Return to Ravnica’ set, featuring clans of cut-throats, nobles, mages, and heroes.  The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will be released on December 1st.



Source: Nintendo


7.  Super Mario Maker 3DSOriginally released for consoles in 2015, the fun-filled Mario-builder is being ported to Nintendo’s 3DS on December 1st in Japan, and December 2nd worldwide.


Dead Rising 4

Source: Capcom

6.  Dead Rising 4: Taking a page out of Diehard’s playbook, Capcom Vancouver is releasing the fourth iteration of their zombie-survival beat-em-up franchise in the Christmas-themed town of Willamette, Colorado, to coincide with the release date of December 6th.


Super Mario Run

Source: Nintendo

5.  Super Mario Run: Mario has had his time in the sun for many, many years, and Nintendo looks to expand the pool of players with an iOS platformer starring the Italian.  Capable of being played with one hand, Super Mario Run will likely be distracting co-workers and friends on December 15th.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Source: Enigami

4.  Shiness: The Lightning KingdomAnnounced at Gamescom in August, this French Role-Playing Game (RPG) offers players a land removed from the Gygaxian tropes of standard swords-and-fantasy adventures, and presents mechanics which go a step beyond the typical turn-based RPG complexity.  Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom’s release draws near, with an official date of 2016.



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3.  Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo: Four years after the release of the original, Nintendo is updating their Harvest Moon-like handheld game to allow the use of their iconic Amiibo statues, enabling players to bring in new characters and features from the larger world of Nintendo.


Demon Hunters 3

Source: Brave Giant LTD

2.  Demon Hunter 3: RevelationA sleeper-title featuring 26 mini-games and a plethora of pixel-hunting scenes, this story-driven mystery about a secret organisation which stands against the darkness at the edge of the world is unproven but interesting.  It comes to Steam on December 1st.



Source: Finish Line Games

 1.  Maize: A wacky premise in the midst of a mirthful season, Maize asks the following question: “What would happen if scientists mistakenly made sentient corn?”  While Finish Line Games’ product lacks the weight of a AAA title, the almost-certainly eggnog inspired idea cinches it the #1 spot.  Expect it on Steam On December 1st.