BLOT Gaming.

Established on the basis that ethics and virtues are a core attribute of any business- but especially so in the gaming industry. When the life blood of developers depends on honest, genuine feedback and big developing and publishing houses can be destroyed by a negatively skewed review, it is important that all reviews, articles and news pieces convey ONLY the truth.

For this reason BLOT Gaming employs only the most respectable of individuals, people who strive to uphold our own principles day in and day out- people who live and breathe honesty, passion and honour. We don’t have the size or weight of the Big 4 Gaming sites, but we certainly have the drive to get there. We aim to ensure BLOT will make a big impact in the gaming community.

We’ve spread our reach further by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Source Bottle and Appy Gamer. We’re constantly on the look out for sponsors, advertisers and industry guru’s for discussion. Staying connected is extremely important to us.

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Matt Stone – CEO