On aesthetic value alone, you can see what the developer of the X51 was clearly aiming for; A sleek, portable, extremely stylish gaming machine.  It is the size and shape of an Xbox/Xbox One, it is slim line and possibly one of the smallest desktop towers we’ve ever seen.  The standard Alienware logo resides on the front of the casing and there are some gorgeous LED lights on the sides which really needs a dark room to be able to appreciate the full effect.  The unit is described as “Matte stealth black, with dark chrome accents”

The unit weighs near 6kg (5.49kg) measures; 343mm (13.504″) Height-Front , 318.5mm (12.54″) Height-Rear, 318mm (12.52″) Depth and a Width of 95mm (3.74″).  It’s tiny!  Which is astoundingly pleasing. The overall look of the machine indicates its exact purpose.  A portable, high end and speedy gaming machine.  The X51 includes a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 16GB memory, and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 745 with 4GB DDR3 graphics card.  Prior to January 28th 2016 you could also get a free upgrade to the SSD (though why not try and push your limits for a free upgrade anyway?).

  The X51 runs 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 2133MHz (8GBx2) memory and it sits in an X51 R3 liquid cooled chassis, with no optical drive.  Your wireless functionality includes an Intel® 7265 2×2 802.11ac Wi-Fi Wireless LAN and Bluetooth.  The unit, if purchased from Dell, includes 1 year pro support, a standard multimedia keyboard and a standard optical mouse.  The unit comes with 6 USB ports (a mixture of super speed and high speed), an Alienware graphics amplifier port, and the standard Mic input ports.

 So the question, I’m sure, is how did it run?

The CPU outstripped five of six of its competitors, the same held true for its 2D graphic drawing - however it fell very, very flat on its 3D tests and only outdid three of six.  This was disappointing to see in a high-end gaming machine.  Its memory and disk storage out-classed every other machine in the six machine line up. Notable was that the CPU beat out all other competitors, most of them by a whole 800 MHZ, the only exception being the AMD FX-8150 where the turbo hit 3977.3, the X51 at standard was 3908MHZ.  The temperature during all tests remained at a cool 38.0C, which was amazing to see as the laptops tend to have a habit of overheating.

Note:  All tests are done in comparison to similar machines with similar specs, peer reviewed by the online community to be an accepted and agreed upon standard.

We could not understand why a higher end graphics card was not in place - the X51 certainly has the memory and the disk to compete at the absolute high end of gaming - but is let down by such a simple thing as a graphics card.  Don’t mistake us here, we think this is a great machine, especially as it runs almost silently, but as gamers - we want to see top notch everything that allows us to play best of the best games. In our five game simultaneous test the one game that chugged down the X51 was ARK: Survival Evolved - where the X51 struggled slightly both simultaneous and on its own.  However, other games ran smoothly and without effort.

We test as we receive; unfortunately our tests obviously don’t include a similar test two years from now to see if the X51 still remains relevant and its SSD still holds true, so please keep this in mind with the following verdict.



Alienware costs an arm and a leg, but it’s been shown in a whole plethora of online videos that you can’t really build a similar machine much cheaper, especially not once you include tax, delivery, support and warranty.  At AUD2199.00 the Alienware hits hard on your finances regardless.

Should you buy this?  If the wallet’s full and buying this won’t leave you living on the streets?  Yes, put some money aside for a better graphics card though and upgrade that asap; you’ll have a rig that will make all your mates jealous.

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