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Matt Stone


Creator and Co-Owner of BLOT. Gatherer of amazing staff and great people. Functions on Coffee, Tim Tams, Red Bull and Steam Codes.

Liz Griffiths

Managing Director

The Intelligence Network of BLOT; Creative, Web Developer, Designer and Co-Owner. Coffee addict and Do-er of things.

Jules Southern

Editor In Chief

Jules has a passion for the written word and, when not working or playing video games, likes nothing better than curling up with a massive book.

Jen Clempson

Web Developer

The invisible one. Behind the scenes is Jen’s style… and she loves it!

Shaun Fordred

Day Manager

When he isn’t stalking the night streets as a carnivorous Lizard Man, he’s settling in playing games, guiding players in DnD and writing stories out of whatever shenanigans pop to mind.

Nicole Avagliano

Social Media Manager

Hiya the names Nicole, I’m a Freelance Web/Graphic Designer & Photographer for Leighs Web Design and when i’m not doing some crazy new design I am working as Social Media Manager & PR Assistant for BLOT.

Cassie Blunt


Editor Extraordinaire, Mother, Happy Individual and WoW Addict. Currently motivated to convince entire BLOT staff to play.

Daniel Hilliard


Also known as Discodan82, Dan has been gaming since floppy disks and before mice were invented.

Austin Bevers


What is written may never die.

Shane Miles


Self-proclaimed Guitar Hero prodigy with a flair for bad opinions and stringing words together.

Matt Cram


I drink Monster, and I know things.

Megan Jones


Board game enthusiast and avid mug collector.

Travis Meharry


General lover of games. Will eat up a good story like it’s the last thing on Earth.