Have you ever really wondered why we, as humans, don’t just blast all of our trash into the seemingly unending void that is space?  Well if you have, then you’re in luck because brothers Marco and Simone Tormento, founders of Moony Baboon, have come up with an answer in the debut trailer of their upcoming mobile release, Waste in Space.

Inspired by rather realistic issues and set relatively far into the distant future, in the year 2026, Waste in Space puts players directly into the futuristic Astro-boots of a human race now fraught with regret, as space debris from a time long since forgotten now rains down upon them.  Yet, as always, Earth will send its mightiest of warriors (or space janitors) on what could ultimately be their very last mission - save the Earth, or watch it end up buried under a pile of junk.

Boasting an addictive run of never-ending game-play, wildly acrobatic visuals and relatively simple controls, Waste in Space tasks players with swinging from space-rock to space-rock as they collect a series of coins and debris in an effort to reach as high a score as possible while making use of its nearly 30 different characters and power-ups along the way.

Waste in Space will be out February 25th 2016 for iOS and March 2016 for Android.


Sources: Moony Baboon



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