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The Illustrious Team Liquid Win $250,000 USD Prize!

As people who have played video games on at least something of a regular basis for the majority of their lives, I’m sure we’ve all heard the same spiel before.  You know the one, about how video games will rot your mind or hurt your eyes?  Or how no one ever made a real career out of playing video games?  Well, try telling that to world-renowned competitive gaming champions Team Liquid who have just recently brought home a grand prize of $250,000 USD (nearly $350,000 AUD).

The prize in question came to be won at this year’s international DOTA 2 tournament known as Epicenter that took place in Moscow, Russia from the 9th to the 15th of May - meaning that gigantic prize was taken home just some 24+ hours ago.

It seems it was quite a well-deserved victory too, as Team Liquid managed to not only traverse the entire tournament - packed with some of the world’s top teams - undefeated, they took it even further by not allowing the loss of even one single game during the tournament’s playoff round.

Now that is impressive.

What’s even crazier, at least for those who don’t follow the ever-growing eSports circuit, is that this isn’t even the biggest prize handed out for a DOTA 2 tournament win.  In fact, it’s about 7 million dollars shy of the all-time record that was set during the 2015 International which saw a prize pool of $18,429,613.05 USD - to which only (hah, yeah right) $6,634,660.68 USD were awarded to the tournament’s top winners.

That isn’t going to hold Team Liquid back from basking in this glory, though, as it was a hard fought one that saw them invited to the Epicenter tournament based on their stellar Second Place Finish in this year’s Shanghai Major that took place this past February.

Needless to say, Team Liquid has clearly shown that they are one of the most dominant forces in the competitive gaming world today, and we here at BLOT Gaming look forward to seeing what else this incredible group of talent can do, a sentiment that goes for all of their remarkable competitors as well!


Congratulations Team Liquid!


Sources: SB Nation


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