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Today, the newest expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) was revealed.  Named after the recent 3DS releases, Pokémon: Sun and Pokémon: Moon, the card game features more than 40 new Pokémon drawn from the Alola region.  The set will also include type-swapped, or Alolan, variants on pre-existing Pokémon such as Marowak.  More than just a gimmick, many of these Pokémon will come ready to fight, featuring an attack which requires no energy cards to use.

Also changing up the meta are the new Pokémon-GX cards, including this cycle’s mascots, Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX.  Like Pokémon-EX, Pokémon-GX are worth two prizes when knocked out, but they come with a formidable collection of abilities and restrictions, far beyond those of EX Pokémon.  Nintendo reports the following:

  • Source: Pokémon Company International

    A player can use only one GX attack per game. (That’s one total, not one per Pokémon-GX!)

  • Each Pokémon-GX has a maximum of two attacks in addition to its GX attack.
  • Pokémon-GX have strong attacks and high HP, so they can overwhelm the opponent’s Pokémon without needing to rely on the GX attack.
  • All of this power comes at a price. When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes two Prize cards. Think carefully about how and when to use your Pokémon-GX in battle.

With such steep restrictions, it follows that Pokémon-GX are capable of potent attacks, both inside and outside of their GX move.  Examples of these GX moves, however, include Solgaleo-GX‘s Sol Burst-GX attack, which allows the player to search out any five energy cards and attach them in any fashion they like.

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Three theme decks will be available when Sun and Moon launches in early 2017, allowing players to dive right into the meta of these powerful new cards.  For more information about Pokémon-GX, visit the official website.

Source: Pokémon Company International