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Mobius Final Fantasy Updated

Mobius Final Fantasy has had a successful first week, with over one million downloads reported.  The team behind Mobius have proved they listen to players by introducing an update based on player feedback.

The latest update will feature:

  • Distilled Magicite will no longer expire after 14 days
  • Greater Ability Summon will be added to the summon cards lineup and will cost 3,000 magicite.  “The greater ability summon will summon all six ability cards”
  • The Mobius Gift Box will now contain additional items including:
  • Summon Ticket x 6
  • GrowStar x 1
  • Ability Ticket x 20
  • Elixir x 5
  • Phoenix Down x 5
  • Crystal x 5
  • Spirit Ticket x 1
  • Extranger x 1
  • Mog Amulet x 1

You can view the Mobius Final Fantasy Trailer below:


Mobius Final Fantasy is available now on iOS and Android as a free to play app.

Source: Square Enix

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