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Fallout Shelter PC Coming This Week

The hugely popular Fallout Shelter, which was originally released on Android and iOS, is coming to the PC later this week.  No official date has been announced but Fallout’s official twitter feed said:

5 Days Until… you’re besting the questing with #FalloutShelter’s biggest update.

Fallout Shelter also boasts a massive 1.6 update which is their biggest so far.  Update 1.6 will see a new and improved combat system, quests will be a new addition letting you send your vault dwellers on missions to complete them.  Also added to the game are more locations, characters and enemies.

No news has been released yet telling us what the PC edition features or whether it will be free like it’s mobile gaming counterpart.  As soon as we uncover any news BLOT Gaming will update you and you can also follow our tags below.

Are you excited to see Fallout Shelter come to PC?  Which new features do you think will be brought to the table?  Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

Source: Eurogamer

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