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EA Happy With Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst had it all: a big name like EA backing it up, one of the most interesting video game concepts we’ve seen in a decade, and a cult-like following frothing at the mouth for a new instalment.  All these factors added up to more of a curse than a blessing for EA, with a lukewarm reception and faltering commercial success.  It comes as a little bit of a surprise then that EA is relatively happy with where their freerunning action game is at.

Another Mirror’s Edge game with an awesome soundtrack. Check out the theme song here!

In an interview with, Laura Miele, executive vice president of global publishing at EA, expressed the company’s contentment with the performance of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst thus far.  Without smashing the wheel, the game had met internal expectations.

I mean, Mirror’s Edge, for us, was a creative risk and we revisited old IP but we really freshened it up. So we really saw that as a character-based action game for us that we stayed with.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was on the end of average reviews at best almost across the board, with much of the analysis lingering on the finer points of the game through eyes tainted by a truly unique experience when the original game was released back in 2007.  Due or undue, the reception hasn’t left a sour taste in EA’s mouth.

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Mirror’s Edge; Just the Beginning for EA

The freerunning cult hit is part of an eventful 12-months at EA with anticipated titles like Battlefield 1 and a newly acquired Star Wars licence from Lucasfilm.  These titles spearhead the EA platform with a raft of Virtual Reality projects waiting in the backlines as well after an exciting E3 this year.

Did you pick up Mirrors Edge Catalyst? What did you think?  

Source: GamingBolt

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  1. Personally think it’s a great sequel. I got it the other day and it’s an intense action game with a beautiful setting. Shame it got such negative reviews. But I dint agree with many of the views.

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