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Chiefs Sweep Final, Continue OPL Dominance


The 2016 Oceanic Pro League (OPL) Split 2 Final saw hundreds of League of Legends fans descend on the Courier Mail Piazza in Brisbane this weekend for one of the most hotly anticipated matches in Oceanic eSports history.

Legacy eSports versus the Chiefs eSports Club yet again in the big dance after very different pathways to the final.  It was the Chiefs, yet again, who would claim victory in the region with a 3-0 clean sweep over their more clinical opponents in under three hours.  Much had been said in the lead up to the final amongst the dysfunction of a roster change going into the finals for the Chiefs and a near-flawless regular season for Legacy, but it was the former back to their old tricks as they made sure they remain the only team to have ever lifted the Oceanic Pro League trophy.

Chiefs win OPL

Game 1 | (Chiefs win)

Much was said of Carbon’s ability to control the jungle across the map for Legacy going into the first game of the series but it was his opposite Spookz who created an untenable environment for Legacy venture outside of their lanes.  Through Spookz’s relentless domination of both sides of the jungle, Chiefs rushed to a quick win in the opening game of the series.

A final kill count of 18-1 was a perfect representation of Legacy’s inability to deal with the Chiefs’ onslaught, with their only shining light a solid playthrough from ChuChuZ on Cassiopeia.  It wasn’t enough to stop a sterling statement made from Chiefs as they blasted to a quickfire 30-minute victory to open the series.

Game 2 | (Chiefs win)

Legacy regrouped in the brief intermission between the first and second games and went blow-for-blow with Chiefs in the opening exchanges of Game 2.  Their reimagined balance only lasted for 10 minutes, though, as the Chiefs took four players down in a battle for the opening Drake.

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The avalanche continued for Chiefs as they rolled on to a similar barnstorming victory in the second game, putting them in the box seat for a clean sweep.  Again it was jungle control which was the foundation for their charge to the blue Nexus, and Legacy simply couldn’t keep up with the pace.

Game 3 | (Chiefs win)

Similarly to the Split 1 final, Legacy bounced back in spectacular fashion in the third game of the series but still they remained a step behind the Chiefs.  A strong victory at Baron within the first half hour meant Chiefs had free reign to make a dent in the Legacy base and it was always going to be difficult for the ladder-leaders to come back.

The third game was dominated by an omnipresent Shen performance from Swip3rR with teleports that were clutch in almost every team fight.  An aggressively clinical split push saw Chiefs bring down the remaining two inhibitors after taking the first as a result of the Baron team fight, and from there it was merely a formality as they pushed to a 3-0 victory.

OPL - The Road Ahead

OPL FinalThe Chiefs, again champions of the OPL, now look to represent the region on the international stage as they fight for a berth in the League of Legends World Championships.  It’s the fourth split in a row that Chiefs have managed to claim the major prize and a late-season switch to bring Raes into the fold, paid off handsomely for the team.

The International Wildcard Qualifiers are the next step for the Chiefs, stay tuned to BLOT Gaming for all the latest on eSports on Oceania as we head into the business end of the world circuit.

Who was your OPL Final MVP?

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