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Bungie hosted the world’s first Destiny eSports match today, marking the launch of the private PVP environment in the game, a week ahead of the Rise of Iron update.  The twelve best Destiny players from around the globe came together on one map, to run the new game mode through its paces, setting the foundation for yet another game’s entry into the world of professional eSports.

Destiny eSportsWhile the PVP environment isn’t new to the world of Destiny, it was previously missing the key component of being able to host private PVP matches, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the game.  Bungie has now developed Destiny to the extent that it is ripe for picking in the competitive scene of eSports, which has seen so much success for many other titles.

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The move into the eSports competition for Destiny is aided by the fact that Activision, the publishers of the game, own Major League Gaming (MLG), which is one of the biggest eSports broadcasters in the world.  MLG live streamed the world’s first Destiny eSports fixture earlier today, with Team Alpha snatching a comprehensive victory.

Luminosity nKuch
Bodies Lil Sonic
Viole iFrostBolt
SirDimetrious KJHovey
TripleWRECK TrueVanguard
SayWallaHBruh RealKraftyy

Alpha Team forced their opponents on to the ropes through the opening three games, claiming an early victory for each.  While Bravo Team were able to claw back and avoid a whitewash with a high-scoring victory in the fourth game, it wasn’t enough to stop Alpha team from holding out to a 4-1 win overall.

The Rise of Iron update is now only a week away for Destiny, and it offers a few massive updates to the game.  While many had thought that the private PVP feature would be part of the update, it has come as a pleasant shock that Bungie has released the mode a week ahead of time.

Do you think that Bungie can make an eSports giant out of Destiny or is the market beginning to become oversaturated?

Source: Bungie