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Fallout 4 to a newcomer is a bit of a kick in the nads - a lot is thrown at you in a short time and, well, if you’ve ever played Fallout 3 then you might make some very common mistakes.  I’ve sunk a fair amount of time into the game, not enough to say I’m a “Pro” player, but with four hundred and fifty hours deep into the wasteland - I can certainly save you some costly mistakes.  You won’t find fluff or pictures here, I’m not telling a story or explaining - safe to say if you listen to the tips below you’ll understand soon why I’ve advised the things I have.  Consider this a beginner’s guide, but those with a few hours in could also benefit.  In a lot of cases, I won’t add details, merely instructions, and you can possibly find some spoilers here (and you will DEFINITELY find spoilers in the Faction Section so avoid the second part of that if this is your first playthrough).

Fallout 4 is an investment game - be prepared to sink hundreds of hours into exploring factions, quest paths and story lines.  You can’t finish this game in fifteen minutes (Unless you’re a Game Speed Runner).  Be prepared to lose a portion of your life.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L | Bobbleheads | Perks | Extensive Perks | Settlements | Crafting | Factions | Hints and Tips

First things first;

Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L

Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck - Remember, whatever number you allocate to each statistic is the number that corresponds to how far down the perk chart you can choose your perks.  You do not need to “unlock” these when you are in the game.  Putting a point into any SPECIAL stat will simply raise it up another number.  NEVER start a stastic at 10 - there are bobbleheads in the game for every single statistic and there’s a SPECIAL book in the first five minutes that will allow you to raise any SPECIAL stat by another point. Additionally, consider that you get the Perception Bobblehead in the extremely early first part of the main quest line - after you leave Sanctuary you’ll have it within 15 minutes if you head to Concord.

Why each statistic matters;

  • Strength: Melee Damage, Carry Weight
  • Perception: Vats, Lockpick, Pickpocket, Pips on Compass
  • Endurance: Hit Points, Resistances, AP Drain from Sprinting
  • Charisma: Conversation successes, Bartering, Max settlers
  • Intelligence: XP, Crafting, Hacking Terminals
  • Agility: Action Points, Sneak
  • Luck: Criticals (and their recharge rate), XP, random bonuses throughout game

The God Statistics:

Intelligence and Luck.

  • Intelligence: Enables crafting of all mods, higher XP, near endless fusion cores, hyper chems, 100% healing medkits and radaway.
  • Luck: Is a perfect Intelligence replacement stat (With Idiot Savant) but also opens up the entire critical tree (and Criticals are extremely, extremely deadly in Fallout 4).

The End Game Stat:

  • Endurance: Don’t take it straight away, you can survive.  But after level 40-50 consider sinking in the full 10. The points are added retroactively - so it will be as if you’d taken it from day 1.

The Useless Stats:

  • Charisma - Even though it’s on my Overpowered builds below - I believe it’s an absolutely redundant statistic.  You can make an end game God build without it easily and the few minor things it influences aren’t worth it unless you want an infinite caps build.
  • Strength - With Fast Travel it will take you one to three minutes (depending on your computer speed) to travel to a settlement, dump your stuff and come back.

In survival mode:

Replace the God stats Intelligence and Luck with Strength/Endurance and Perception.  In Survival mode you will need the carry weight, the hit points and VATS.

Bobblehead Locations

SPECIAL Book - Not technically a Bobblehead - but Sanctuary, your old house under Shaun’s Crib.

Strength - On top of a statue atop the Mass Fusion Building

Perception - Museum of Freedom in Concord just passed Mama Murphy

Endurance - Poseidon Energy (Will need lockpick or swim in highly radioactive water)

Charisma - Inside the Parsons State Insane Asylum (you’ll need to start the Cabot House quest)

Intelligence - Boston Public Library on a desk behind the robot guards

Agility - Part of the scaffolding of the wrecked FMS Northern Star

Luck - On a wrecked boat on Spectacle Island

Overpowered S.P.E.C.I.A.L Builds and Why

  • Intelligence/Charisma: Power Armour, Overpowered Weapons (Crafting), Infinite Caps (Conversation Success/Bartering) = Invulnerable in souped up Power Armour and infinite wealth to purchase what you need
  • Agility/Luck: More VATS hits + Criticals obtained in Vats + “Better criticals” = Criticals every few hits + Multiplied damage from Luck 
  • Intelligence/Strength: Souped up Power Armour, Souped up Melee Weapons, Jet Pack Power Armour, Ground Slam, Pain Train = Unstoppable Metal Train of Death (Take some agility and get Blitz for Ultimate Destruction)
  • Perception/Intelligence: Not a combat build but literally = Go anywhere, Take anything, Hack anything.  No pocket, no door, no terminal will ever stand in your way

Perks: Take it, Leave it or Build Dependent

Simple yes or no, however if you see “Build Dependent” and you’re not building that SPECIFIC build - consider it a “Leave it”.  Keep in mind, ‘take it’ doesn’t necessarily mean put points in that tree to get it - it’s simply an indicator of a good perk if you have the points to spare.  Also, ‘take it’ doesn’t necesarily mean take it first - your build will affect what order you should be taking things in and keep in mind some of the perks don’t get amazing ’til the final level of the perk. If you want further explanation on why/why not to take a perk, jump to the Fallout 4 Perks Guide: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.


  • Iron Fist: Build Dependent (Unarmed)
  • Big Leagues: Build Dependent (Melee)
  • Armorer: Build Dependent (Power Armour)
  • Black Smith: Build Dependent (Melee)
  • Heavy Gunner: Leave it (I consider big weapons to be useless in Fallout 4 (however some would say Build Dependent: Missile/Minigun Turret)
  • Strong Back: Normal - Leave it, Survival - Take it
  • Steady Aim: Leave it
  • Basher: Leave it
  • Rooted: Leave it
  • Pain Train: Build Dependent (Power Armour)


  • Pickpocket: Leave it
  • Rifleman: Build Dependent (Sniper)
  • Awareness: Leave it
  • Locksmith: Take it (Always)
  • Demolition Expert: Leave it
  • Night Person: Build Dependent (Intelligence)
  • Refractor: Leave it
  • Sniper: Build dependent (Sniper)
  • Penetrator: Build Dependent (Sniper)
  • Concentrated Fire: Take it


  • Toughness: Take it (It’s a level 1 perk - why wouldn’t you)
  • Lead Belly: Leave it
  • Life Giver: Normal - Leave it, Survival - Take it
  • Chem Resistant: Build dependent (Intelligence/Chemist)
  • Aquaboy/Aqua Girl: This requires some backstory - I freaking love this perk - I adore it, especially so in Sneak builds.  But it’s been universally slated as useless by the Fallout 4 community.  Your call.
  • Rad Resistant: Don’t ever, ever touch this perk
  • Adamantium Skeleton: Normal - Leave it, Survival - Take it
  • Cannibal: Normal - Leave it, Survival - Take it
  • Ghoulish: Leave it
  • Solar Powered: Leave it


  • Cap Collector: Build Dependent (Millionaire)
  • Lady Killer/Black Widow: Leave it
  • Lone Wanderer: Amazing perk - take it if you only intend on travelling with Dogmeat (he doesn’t count as a companion)
  • Attack Dog: Useless if you intend on taking another companion, otherwise, your call
  • Animal Friend: Leave it
  • Local Leader: Build Dependent (Millionaire)
  • Party Boy/Party Girl: Build Dependent (Strength/Luck)
  • Inspirational: Leave it
  • Wasteland Whisperer: Take it
  • Intimidation: Fun, but Leave it


  • VANS: Leave it
  • Medic: Take it
  • Gun Nut: Take it
  • Hacker: Take it
  • Scrapper: Take it
  • Science: Build Dependent (Power Armor)
  • Chemist: Take it
  • Robotics Expert: Leave it
  • Nuclear Physicist: Take it
  • Nerd Rage: Fun, but probably Leave it


  • Gunslinger: Build Dependent (Sneak)
  • Commando: Leave it (Unless you intend to find the gun “Spray and pray”)
  • Sneak: Build Dependent (Sneak)
  • Mister Sandman: Build Dependent (Sneak)
  • Action Boy/Girl: Build Dependent (Criticals)
  • Moving Target: Don’t ever touch
  • Ninja: Build Dependent (Sneak)
  • Quick Hands: Leave it
  • Blitz: Build Dependent (VATS Melee)
  • Gun Fu: Take it


  • Fortune Finder: Take it
  • Scrounger: Take it
  • Bloody Mess: Take it
  • Mysterious Stranger: Leave it
  • Idiot Savant: Intelligence 3 or lower? Take it, 4-7 might be worth the risk, 8-10 Leave it but: take it only if you are hoping to get very lucky and land an idiot savant tick on a main quest line (Goodluck)
  • Better Criticals: Take it
  • Critical Banker: Take it
  • Grim Reapers Sprint: Build Dependent (Criticals)
  • Four Leaf Clover: Build Dependent (Criticals)
  • Ricochet: Leave it

Companion Perks

(Unique perks achieved by satisfying Like/Dislike criteria from each companion)

  • Cait (Trigger Rush): Take it if you’re an AP/VATS build
  • Codsworth: Leave it
  • Curie (Combat Medic) Take it
  • Paladin Danse (Know your enemy) Take it
  • Deacon (Cloak & Dagger) Take it if you’re a Sneak Build
  • John Hancock (Isodoped): Leave it
  • Robert MacCready (Killshot): Take it
  • Nick Valentine (Close to metal) Leave it
  • Piper (Gift of Gab): Take it if you’re a Charisma Build and/or a Completionist Location Hunter
  • Preston Garvey (United We Stand): Take it
  • Strong (Berserk): Take it if you’re a melee Build
  • X6-88 (Shield Harmonics): Leave it


The God Perks

  • Locksmith - There are SO many locks of Advanced and higher quality in Fallout 4 that you’d be mad not to take it.  Consider that you get a SPECIAL book in Sanctuary and Perception Bobblehead in Concord.  (Meaning within the first hour of the game you could have Perception 4 with only a 1 point investment) - think about that.
  • Lone Wanderer - Extra damage, Extra carry weight and you can still take Dogmeat with you for no penalty.  It’s also low down the tree.
  • Medic: 100% healing, 100% radaway and both heal faster at final perk level.  Normal or Survival - why wouldn’t you - especially since it’s an Intelligence 2 perk.
  • Scrapper: Aside from helping you find the materials you need (if only it also helped with adhesive) at the final level of this perk it will highlight containers in the wasteland that contain items you’ve tagged for search
  • Science: Only a God perk if you’re focusing on a power armour/super weapon build.  Jetpacks, ground slams, living material vision overlay, night vision, rads scrubbers, longer sprint - some of the many benefits of taking science
  • Nuclear Physicist: Never ever run out of power cores - and also use them as a portable mini nuke - perfect for if you’re being chased
  • Sneak: Sneak builds in Fallout 4 are OP. Period.
  • Ninja: Same reason as Sneak
  • Idiot Savant: If this ticks off on a main quest line?  You can earn over 2000xp depending on which quest.


I’ll note that I have a love-hate relationship with settlements.  If I’m focusing on the Charisma tree I love them, as it opens up my options for selling off my gear - however, otherwise they are an absolute pain to both maintain, defend and establish.  Base-building could have been fun in Fallout 4, but it’s just not.  The system is very clunky - however, it has been improved with the addition of the DLC’s.

The Best Base Locations

Sanctuary - Purely because it’s at the start and most easily scrapped and established.  Take everything and put it into the workshop - don’t leave a single empty house.  You can level to 7 or 8 before leaving Sanctuary if you do this.

The Castle - It’s so damn fun, and you’ve got Artillery Support, obtained only as part of the Minutemen Quest Line

The Boston Airport/Starlight Theatre Both are so flat you can build almost anything in your construction area. One part of the Minutemen Questline the other part of the Brotherhood questline.

Bunker Hill - Premade, pretty much everything you need, lots of stores and food.  Not bad if you’re lazy.

Spectacle Island - End-game base - humongous area, massively mod-able - Make sure you have Supply Lines or the ability to carry gear as there’s almost nothing here to work with.


The Basics

You need Beds equal to the number of settlers.

You need 4-5 Water pumps maximum (normally).  Use Water Pumps unless you want to get fancy and build a Water Purifier for the river beside Sanctuary + a Generator.

You need at least six Food producing items (normally).  Remember, one settler assigned to food produces multiple food ticks.

You need Defence equal to the number of settlers (don’t waste your time on assigning settlers to barricades).  Build 4-5 simple turrets and consider your job done.

Power - Only needed if you have items requiring power (Duh) - you can have “Green” on your power scale provided you don’t have power demand items, Settlers don’t need light to be happy, remember that.


When you hit Sanctuary, build a base.  Not a small one story building.  Scrap everything in the entire town, kill the Radroaches and bloat flies, pick the locks if you’re an intelligence build, harvest and re-plant the food, then get about building a three to four story tall tower.  Don’t use the prebuilds.  Place concrete floor (Because it’s the absolute easiest way to ensure that your walls are perfectly straight and using concrete floors you can determine the height and placement a lot easier), build walls, build ceilings.  Staircases; are a pain in the ass - so best to use the staircase option that contains stairs inside of a floor beneath and a floor below - never the freestanding stairs.  The only exception here is the smaller set of free standing stairs that you might use to get to the doorway into your base.  Build up rather than out, this way you can ensure your power poles hit all your power needs.  Inside your base, you’ll want to place three containers (normally cupboards): Weapons, Clothing/Armour, Junk/Other.  Twelve beds, one “Bobblehead Stand”, two “Magazine Racks” or one “Magazine Shelf”, then hang up some posters, hangings, add some seats and tables chairs.

Why are we doing all this?  Levels.  See, Fallout 4 isn’t entirely dependent on levels but more so on location.  Ever notice you encounter far more dangerous enemies in the South?  Or far to the East?  Yeah, there’s a reason for that.  So levelling up to level seven or eight before leaving Sanctuary doesn’t change a single thing for your first few outings.  What does construction get you?  That’s right - glorious experience.


Follow the simple rule: Generator and Power Pole  and you’ll be fine.  That is, build one medium or large generator inside your base, place 4 power poles to the North, East, South and West of it and connect them all with wires. Remember there is a distance restriction on wire.  Switches and Light boxes are complicated, don’t bother until you’ve completed your first play through.  There is also a distance restriction on how far you can place power dependent items from power sources.  So if your base is four floors tall, you might require a generator and pole system on floors 1 and 3.

Cooking Stations and Chem Stations

You can produce some powerful items with these - and even better, it’s not dependent on your intelligence, merely on the items you have on hand.  Write down your favourite recipes (I’ll give you a start: Refreshing Beverage, Vegetable Starch and Cutting Fluid should all be on your list).  Do not scrap these stations.

Defending a Settlement

Get there fast, when you get the quest, consider dropping everything you’re doing and heading off.  Settlement defense missions are one of the downfalls of possessing multiple settlements, and the entire downfall of the Minuteman quest line.  If you don’t get there before this miscellaneous quest ends - you’ll find your hard work has been trashed by the invading force and you may have also lost followers.


You can’t build stores within your settlements without the Local Leader perk.  Don’t bother unless you’re already on the Charisma path - there are a number of stores close by Sanctuary (Drumlin Diner is a two-minute walk South from Concord).  Additionally, Trashcan Carla regularly visits Sanctuary.

Supply Lines

One of the most useful things if you want to focus on settlement building (you crazy thing you).  Supply Lines mean you can use junk placed in any of your linked settlements for building in the others.

This isn’t automatic (for the longest time I thought it was) and you need to grab an unassigned settler, press Q (or RB/R1 on Xbox PS4) to display a list of your currently owned settlements - then select which settlement to link.  You can review existing supply lines by pressing C (or L1/LB on Xbox PS4) while in the World Map.


I’m not going to detail this.  But let me list you the top ten items (with a few places you’ll find them) and top 5 mods;

Top 10 Components by Importance

  1. Adhesive (Required for essentially everything) [Wonderglue, Duct Tape, Vegetable Starch]
  2. Screws [Weapons (Scrapper Perk), Toy Cars and Trucks]
  3. Copper [Light bulbs, Magnets, Hotplates, Telephone]
  4. Aluminium [Alarm Clock, Aluminium Cans/Containers, Cake Pans, Surgical/Dinner Trays]
  5. Gears [Camera, Adjustable Wrench, Giddyup toys, Watches, microscopes]
  6. Oil [Lighters, Empty Paint Cans, Gas]
  7. Ceramic [Vases, cups, plates, ashtrays, gnomes]
  8. Nuclear Material [Alarm Clocks, Blast Radius games and various wasteland creatures (namely Glowing enemies)]
  9. Circuitry [Circuit Boards, targeting cards, telephone, toaster, hot plate]
  10. Plastic [Spoons, plates, bowls, hairbrushes, Jangles toys]

Top 5 Weapon Mods

  1. Recon Scope:  Not only do you get Night Vision but hold your reticle over a target and it pips them on your radar and on your HUD
  2. Powerful Receiver:  Too much damage not to grab
  3. Suppressor:  Kill enemies without alerting their friends, aw yeah!
  4. Recoil Compensating Stock:  For aim, silly
  5. .50 Receiver:  Another step up from Powerful however, it’s seperate and also at number five as the ammunition is harder to come by

Top 5 Power Armour Mods

  1. Targeting HUD (Head) - Visor Highlights Living targets (Yep - anything that can kill you is now bright stark red)
  2. Jet-pack (Torso) - So useful it’s not funny.  Remember though, jump distance and time are based off your AP
  3. Optimized Servos (Legs) - Run for longer in Power Armour
  4. Explosive Vents (Legs) - amazing in combination with Jet Pack and the Pain Train perk
  5. Atom Cat Paint - Reduces AP cost for sprinting and raises charisma with all pieces painted

Top 5 Armour Mods

  1. Ballistic Weave
  2. Ballistic Weave
  3. Ballistic Weave
  4. Ballistic Weave
  5. Ballistic Weave

No, I’m not kidding.  If you have the ability to mod armour, don’t, grab some basic clothes, and take the path that leads you to the Ballistic Weave mod.  (Do Railroad quests til Tinker Tom grants you the mod - the quests you want to do will be the main quests until P.A.M offers you Jackpot Missions on DIA caches.)  Go from there.

Main Factions

Positives and Negatives of each as well as location found;

Minutemen - Positive The Castle as a base - huge and incredibly defensible, Artillery support - Negative Endless settlement quests Location: Sanctuary then Castle

Railroad - Positive Ballistic Weave, Interesting Quests, “Spy” quirks like passcodes and codenames, Deacon is a hilarious and useful companion - Negative Bad Base, bit preachy Location: Find them by walking to Nick Valentine to continue the main quest, you’ll overhear a conversation that triggers the “Follow the Freedom Trail” quest.  Alternatively, head to Boston Commons and simply follow the red line on the ground.  Hint: The Passcode is “Railroad”

The Institute - Positive Great Tech, No Maintenance Base, Reinforcements from Synths - Negative You feel like a bit of a dick but, sort of, with a cause?  You annoy every single other faction (to put it lightly) Location: Follow the Freedom Trail and you’ll find the Institute - unfortunately, you can’t really rush meeting up with these guys.

Brotherhood of Steel - Positive Amazing base, Power Armour, Heli Support Negative Super hyper Preachy Location: Originally Cambridge Police Station, then the Prydwen

Hints and Tips

  • Do not miss the SPECIAL book in Sanctuary in your old home.
  • Want to rush the main story line?  Head STRAIGHT to Diamond City.
  • Remember the first Bobblehead (Perception) is in Concord as part of the main questline (On the desk just passed Mama Murphy).
  • Levelling up is easier than you think - Minuteman settler quests are innumerable, however, the Brotherhood Haylen/Rhys quests are early enough that you can net a mass amount of levels quickly before travelling too far
  • Difficulty is dependent partially on level but mostly on location, the further South and East/West you go from Sanctuary the harder the difficulty becomes.
  • Struggling for direction?  Drug up Mama Murphy.  No, I’m not kidding. She gives out decent directions as to what to do next - and twice she even drops a direct “Change the future” gold nugget.  Careful, though - Preston won’t like this at all.  Especially when, well - you’ll see.
  • You run Faster with no weapon out - and the difference is noticeable.
  • Ghouls are more dangerous than they seem - and if you ever see one alone; Look for his friends.  They’re fast and travel in packs and will quickly overwhelm you.
  • Hold your breath while using a scoped weapon - it’ll stop weapon sway.  Be mindful - it also uses AP.
  • Crouching Improves Accuracy.
  • Learn to Strafe.  Going from cover into shooting and back to cover is a vital and necessary skill - don’t stand in the open, this will definitely get you killed in Survival Mode.
  • Loot Everything - Components in Fallout 4 are actually pretty vital to playing well.  Adhesive is at the absolute top of this list.  Tag things for search by pressing the appropriate key in the crafting menu.
  • VATS is more useful than you think; Ghouls and Runners?  Take out the leg with VATS. Sniper?  Critical the head (Normally this is also a killshot), Suicider?  Shoot the arm holding the nuke and watch him go boom.  You can make your life exponentially easier by creating a weakness in VATS before engaging.
  • Learn to Mod - Sure the found weapons are pretty decent.  But upgrading a weapon quickly creates an  absolutely lethal tool.
  • Sleeping Matters - For a start it heals health no matter what bed you’re in, but sleep in an owned bed or sleep with a loved one and you’ll get a nifty XP bonus too.
  • Power Armour - Makes you nearly invulnerable as long as you watch the damage occurring to your parts as well as your health guage.  Power armour can also be flogged if you’re silly enough to leave a Fusion Core and walk away.  Don’t do this.
  • When a piece of Power Armour goes see-through on your read-out, it means it’s been damaged so badly that it needs repairing and re-attaching.  You can still gain the benefits of your frame (Radiation resistance and damage resistance as well as carry weight) but that particular piece of armour will no longer convey it’s bonuses or have its mods be useable.
  • Forgot where you left your Power Armour?  That’s okay, if you took the Fusion Core so no one can steal it - it’s right where you left it and the world map very handily leaves a Power Armour helmet wherever you deposited it.
  • Fusion Cores aren’t as rare as they seem (Especially with Nuclear Physicist) check everywhere.  You can also buy them at shops (but they’re not cheap)
  • If you sell a Fusion Core right before it empties, you can sell it for full price.
  • Pickpocket Fusion Cores to heavily reduce the effectiveness of anyone in Power Armour.
  • Intelligence Boosts: Most noticeably from Mentats or certain paints to your power armour, but also from the Night Person perk.  You can gain a substantial boost to your XP received if you raise your intelligence before you hand in a quest.  If you’re relying on the Idiot Savant perk though - don’t do this - it will dramatically lower your chance of ticking the perk.
  • VATS is perception based, however, criticals and their recharges/damage are based on Luck.  Consider this when choosing S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
  • VATS can find mines and grenades - and you can shoot them to get rid of them.  If you’re quick on the vats button you can blow the arm off a raider who has just pulled out a grenade.
  • You can’t throw grenades from VATS.  Weird right?
  • The environment matters.  Struggling?  Have you looked for explosive items near your enemies?  Did you know every single car in a non-destroyed condition in Fallout 4 functions as a Mini Nuclear Explosion?  You do now - you’re welcome.
  • Your companions first weapon is their only infinite ammo weapon.  Swap out that weapon for another one?  Be prepared to stock them up on ammo too.
  • Dress Fancy.  Charisma raising items will net you better prices at vendors.  Bigger Hint: Mod out your charisma raising items with Ballistic Weave.  Do not underestimate Ballistic Weave.
  • Use Quick Inventory - you’ll need to quickly swap between long and short range and between medkits and grenades.  On PC you can assign keys however on XB1/PS4 you can assign with R1/Rb which will bring up favourites then place into the desired slot.
  • Look everywhere, even locations not marked on your map.  You’ll be incredibly surprised at just how much isn’t marked in your pip boy.  There’s a certain little trigger event South of Sanctuary that occurs near a brewery.  Listen for the boom - look for the fire, follow the blood.  You’ll find it.
  • Do not underestimate melee.  Bloat flies, ghouls, radroaches and some other bugs are fast - and hard to hit with a ranged weapon, don’t be afraid to pull out a modded up bat.  If you’re an agility build don’t hesitate to pick up Blitz for some teleporting fun.
  • Legendary Enemies net Legendary Weapons and Armour.
  • Pick a companion that matches that game’s playthrough because Dogmeat is the only one who won’t ever judge your actions.
  • Companions are easy to impress - just do things they like.  Strong likes it when you eat dead bodies, Cait and Deacon love you picking a lock, Preston likes when you help people.  Want a love interest - keep doing the things they like.
  • You can equip companions by going to trade with them, giving them a weapon/power armour/armour and pressing the equip key (Or Y/Triangle on Xbox1/PS4).
  • Use floors in Settlements to better mark out where your walls will go.
  • Settler doesn’t count as covered when in a bed?  Did you remember your floor?  Roof?  Without these, they’re in the dangers of the waste!
  • Did you know the mousewheel (Or bumpers on controllers) raise and lower objects when placing?
  • Dogmeat is probably the most useful companion you’ll have.  He can fetch you weapons and armour from distant containers, he constantly sniffs out loot and hidden containers, but he’s also the only companion that doesn’t negate the Lone Wanderer perk.
  • Don’t apply mods onto crappy base weapons.  Sure, mod out your 10mm pistol with a sight and advanced receiver.  But save your Recon scope for a legendary combat rifle.
  • Mod your armour.  Don’t settle for just anything.  Make it muffled if you sneak or reinforced if you’re melee, hell Deep Pocketed if you want to carry a lot.  Do something with it, though.  Or, wait for the Railroad and make everything part of the Weave!
  • Don’t always sell armour and weapons.  If you’ve got a decent intelligence take the scrapper perk to get vital components.
  • Chems can be made into super chems.  Always do this.  Buff Jet is far better than taking Buffout and Jet seperately.
  • Stealth is hard.  Until you realise that the brackets around the words [HIDDEN] and [CAUTION] Shrink and grow the closer you are to being discovered.
  • Tag Components for Searching - you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t realise adhesive is found in that vegetable starch you found in the random wasteland home.
  • Don’t raise SPECIAL stats until you’ve cleared out your Perks from your focus trees.  Didn’t realise you can raise your SPECIAL stats?  Yeah, just like any other Perk, you can sink a point into any of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L pictures at the top of your perk chart to raise up that stat by one point.  (Also did you know your Perk chart scrolls down?)
  • Swimming is a good way to get you killed - watch your rads meter.  Most water does 10 radiation damage per second.  But some are much, much worse.
  • You can’t swim in Power Armour, but you can walk and breathe underwater.
  • Explore Pop Culture references.  Google names - there are so many Culture Easter Eggs in Fallout 4 it’d be a shame if you didn’t.

Goodluck, Sole Survivor.

Want some specific Build Guides?  Jump over here.  Want to see our review on Fallout 4?  Here you go.