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Role: Iron Man in Fallout 4 exceeds in two things specifically, Intelligence and Charisma.  In his own words “Genius, Playboy, Millionaire Philanthropist”.

So Iron Man in Fallout 4 does just that - he builds things and he talks his way out of bad situations.  You will spend 99% of your time inside your power armour - and when a situation arises that you can’t snake tongue your way out of, you’ll simply roll over your enemy in your heavily modified X-01 power armour, wielding only the highest military graded weapon you could forge.

Iron Man makes everything fly


A warning - this build is over-powered in regular difficulty.  You won’t find anything challenging beyond Level 10.  You’ll weather any and all damage and have a bottlecaps stack piled as high as Everest.  If you ever fall below 10,000 caps we’d be astonished.  This is a power build- designed to get you to end game easily and as soon as possible.

The whole build is centered around not having to think too much, you don’t worry about positioning or stealth, you don’t worry about traps, landmines or the size of your enemy - you literally just wade into the fight and decimate everything.

Phases: Survival, Establishment, Hustler, Playboy


Strength 3

Perception 3 + Early Bobblehead technically means 4

Endurance 1

Charisma 9 + Special Book technically means 10

Intelligence 9

Agility 1

Luck 2


Level 2 - Lone Wanderer

Level 3 - Gun Nut

Level 4 - Scrounger

Level 5 - Hacker

Level 6 - Science

Level 7 - Rifleman

Level 8 Nuclear Physicist

Level 9 - Armorer 1

Level 10 - Scrounger II

Tony Stark’s little home away from home



We start with the perks that will ensure our rich and glorious future.  We take Lone Wanderer for two reasons, so we don’t die and so we can carry more - remember, Dogmeat doesn’t count as a follower, so this perk is always in effect as long as you don’t swap him out.  Gun Nut is establishing a path to our more dangerous late-game weapons.  Scrounger and Hacker are purely for cap building - we take Scrounger instead of the caps perk because ammunition is far more plentiful and with our high charisma it sells for an extremely hefty amount.  Science for the same reason as Gun Nut.  Rifleman is where we begin to establish battlefield dominance, ensuring our damage output meets our heavy protection.  Nuclear Physicist is our first step to being permanently encased in power armour.  Armorer 1 means you can now take your first step to a fully kitted-out set of power armour - get hoarding that aluminium.  Scrounger II is taken for more caps building and increasing chances that your ammo supply will literally never run low.


Level 11 - Rifleman II

Level 12 - Hacker II

Level 13 - Gun Nut II

Level 14 - Nuclear Physicist II

Level 15 - Armorer II

Level 16 - Local Leader

Level 17 - Science II

Level 18 - Local Leader II

Level 19 - Lone Wanderer II

Level 20 - Rifleman 3


Everything here remains the same as the Survival phase, barring one perk, Local Leader.  Local Leader begins the start of a very profitable perk track, ensuring that there will always be a vendor to buy your ridiculous amount of over-stock.  Remember with Lone Wanderer you can carry even more, on top of that, your Iron Man character is permanently encased in a massive walking cupboard - you are a one-man caravan.  The rest is building the rest of our foundations to being Rich, Invincible, and Deadly.  At these levels, you should be grabbing every Fusion Core you can find and hoarding them.

Upgraded Targeting Systems Helmet



Level 21 - Hacker 3

Level 22 - Cap Collector

Level 23 - Cap Collector II

Level 24 - Scrounger III

Level 25 - Gun Nut III

Level 26 -  Nuclear Physicist III

Level 27 - Armorer III

Level 28 - Science III

Level 29 - Wasteland Whisperer

Level 30 - Medic

Taking Idiot Savant in place of Lone Wanderer is an option….And pays well.


You’re building mad fat stacks, yo.  But for real, this phase is where your focus on money intensive activities pays off.  You should be finding ammunition (and lots of it) in every second container - and selling all of it.  With the profits, you should be buying aluminium, adhesive, and metal - ensuring that your power armour is fully kitted-out with the highest upgrades possible.  You’ll want the Targeting head no matter the Power Armor you take - having every living being (and turret) highlighted for you means you’ll never stumble across a foliage blended foe again.  Notice three new perks, Cap Collector, Wasteland Whisperer and Medic.  The first is pure profit piling, ensuring that you’re the Richest lone wanderer out there, the next two are survival based - with your high intelligence you’ll be levelling fast and since Wasteland Whisperer is based on creatures lower than you being submitted then you’ll be able to quieten down most Wasteland creatures.  Medic ensures you don’t need to run through your whole pile of stim packs to stay alive.


Level 31 - Rifleman 4

Level 32 - Wasteland Whisperer 2

Level 33 - Hacker 4

Level 34 - Intimidation 1

Level 35 - Scrapper 1

Level 36 - Scrapper 2

Level 37 - Scrounger 4

Level 38 - Fortune Finder 1

Level 39 - Gun Nut 4

Level 40 - Armorer 4


At this level, you shouldn’t be dying ever.  Your power armour is the best, model T-60E or better, always, if you haven’t already got your hands on some X-01 power armour go grab some from the little building near Fort Strong - note it’s missing a leg and a head.  The head is available on board the Prydwen. A;ternatively you can get the full suit in a little location called “Court 35”  The rest is ensuring that you do not run out of parts, note that we’ve finally included Fortune Finder and Intimidation, now’s the time to live up your billionaire status and really start rolling in the caps.  You should barely be getting hurt - and if you are getting hurt then you should have your power armour auto issuing your Stimpacks and focus on raising the defense of your T-60 or X-01.  You should never be getting close to running out of power cores unless you’re regularly dumping them as mini-nukes to fend off people on your tail.

You may want to also consider the Laser Gatling Gun.  That plus jump packs on your power armour and you’re a floating blimp of mass destruction.

Where you choose to go from here is entirely up to you, there’s no wrong path now that you’re this kitted out and loaded.

We’d advise focusing on getting the intelligence Bobblehead from the Boston Library as well as the Plasma Sniper Rifle with a reflex scope added in place of the recon scope - following the main story line will ensure you reach this weapon.  We’d also advise that near the endgame you increase your endurance - whilst you certainly won’t struggle encased in upgraded heavily armoured Power Armour, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have the extra back up there. Fallout 4 lends itself exceptionally well to Intelligence, Luck and Agility, as this build combines two of those- you really shouldn’t struggle. Good luck, wanderer.