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is a puzzle game developed and published by The Quantum Astrophysics Guild for PS3, PS4, XBOX One, Xbox 360, Macintosh, iPhone, Wii U, PC, Linux, Windows Phone and Android. The game was originally released in July 2016.

Tumblestone is a match 3 puzzle game with a simple theme, match blocks in sets of 3 until all blocks are removed from the grid.  The game is extremely colourful, from the blocks colouring to the backgrounds and story art.  The soundtrack is well composed and reminds me of the classic Rayman game, while the sound effects match the cartoon style theme that is felt throughout the game.

The game features a variety of different modes to keep you busy such as; Marathon, Heartbeat, Infipuzzle, Multiplayer and Story mode.  The puzzles progress in difficulty throughout your playthroughs.  The better and faster you progress through multiplayer, for example, the harder your puzzle begins.

Story mode features over 10 levels with 30 stages on each level, this mode gives you a huge amount of game time alone.  The levels are set out much like a Mario game, each Level comprises of a map, you must travel through the 30 stages consecutively to make it through to the next level.  Each level has a new theme and added mechanic, for the first level you are introduced to Queen of the Nile who will stop at nothing to get her Caesar, her Caesar salad that is.  The game difficulty increases as you progress throughout the stages and levels.  Reaching a new level will award you with a new unlockable character and an added new game mechanic which alters how the puzzle is completed, level two, for example, introduces Blockers.  Blockers impede access every other move, to blocks located above the blocker.  While fun, the puzzles can get frustrating.  Most have simple solutions but it’s only when you have nearly cleaned the entire grid and have run out of moves that you see what you should have done, by then it’s too late so you must start the grid again.  The story is whimsical and humorous and mostly involves characters trying to make their way through the mysterious Tumblestones trying to find the cause, while also making friends along the way.  The cutscenes are made up of unique colourful, cartoon style images which add perfectly to the style and feel of the game.

Arcade mode is less time consuming and enables you to pick your favourite puzzle type and just play.  It features modes such as;  Marathon, in this mode, you must raise the glass, collect sets of 3 blocks as usual but this time collecting a block under the glass will cause the blocks to move down, once they hit the bottom of the grid it’s game over.  Heartbeat is much faster-paced, the blocks will move slowly down the grid and you must quickly match them up.  Infipuzzle is a test of everything you have learned in story mode, one wrong move is all it takes to lose the game, try and remove as many blocks as you can.

The Multiplayer mode features local matches, online and even an opportunity to play a quick match with some bots.  The game also gives you the opportunity to give a free steam code to your friends this will entitle them to five free games of Multiplayer mode.


Tumblestone is a very enjoyable game, its quirky art style, humorous scenes and loveable characters like Sausage King, all blend together seamlessly to provide an enjoyable and fun game for people of all ages and skills.  The amount of game time and content alone make the game worth the price tag.  We have given Tumblestone an 8.9/10 its simple yet complicated, frustrating yet addictive and I loved it.

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Tumblestone was reviewed with a Steam copy of the game, experience on other platforms or versions may vary.














            • Addictive
            • Hours of gameplay
            • Colourful
            • Humorous


            • Frustrating
            • No undo button