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This is the Police Review

This is the Police!  Drop what you’re doing, turn around and read this review!

This is the Police ReviewThis is the Police puts you in the shoes of retiring policeman Jack Boyd, but will his retirement go smoothly or will he be tempted by corruption and money?  You will take control of Freetown’s police department making decisions that impact Jack’s life along the way in either good ways or bad and you have to make $500,000 in 180 days.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel very connected with Jack Boyd in the story line but the story telling really gives you a sense of what his life has become and the choices he must make.  The reason I didn’t become connected with Jack is that while the story is gritty and dark it didn’t do enough to really keep me gripped and if This is the Police had just let me play around with controlling the police of Freetown instead I feel like it would have been a better experience.


As mentioned before you can take control of Freetown’s police and I think that’s where This is the Police shines.  I enjoyed seeing my staff roster, with each member having individual stats and coming up with lame excuses for days off.  I enjoyed the simplicity of it all and the freedom I had in what felt like my police department.  From small crimes of graffiti to murder cases, the key is to send the right police officer for the job but sometimes you may have to send some of the lowest rated police and well, I had to attend a funeral or two due to this.  The detective cases also offered a lot of creativity when solving cases as you have to fit it all together and catch the criminal.  Once This is the Police advances you will be faced with more corrupt jobs, which if you succeed in pulling the jobs off, the money will pour into your account, but at what cost?  If the jobs are failed there are many things that could go wrong, losing staff, reputation, fines and people getting very angry.

Graphics and Sound

This is the Police‘s story is displayed like a comic book and adds to the grittiness of the story.  The graphics while being very basic, the simplicity of the graphics isn’t a negative, it all shows off the world of Freetown perfectly.  From the police hub to the cutscenes it all adds to the experience.  The voice acting is very well done, you can feel the emotion in the acting and it felt like it was being played out as a movie in between the gameplay.


This is the Police is a game that people should pick up if they want a police experience on their screens.  While the story for me fell a bit flat it’s the gameplay that outshone everything and I could have sat there playing for days.  This is the Police is a fun game that shows you an insight of Jack Boyd’s police career.


This is the Police













            • The control over the police
            • The choices you can make
            • Voice Acting


            • Story felt a bit flat
            • Needs a police management mode

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