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The Room Review

With The Room 2 being released soon, we thought we would take a look at the first game and why it was such a good puzzle game.

The Room is a mystery puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games.  It was originally released on iOS in 2012, Android in 2013 and then an updated version for PC in 2014.

In The Room, you must figure out how to get into a huge safe in the middle of the room by using your puzzle solving skills and ability to figure out problems using clues and items you find from unlocking different parts of the safe.  It isn’t a normal safe, as you instantly find out.  It has multiple parts to interact with and compartments to unlock, in order to gain items or clues to unlock more compartments.

The game is spread out into chapters, with each chapter involving a different part of the safe, such as once you have opened it up and found yet another safe/box to unlock, or when it opens up a different section to interact with.

The Room has a physics based system, which causes you to be more involved than simply clicking on stuff.  To use keys, you must actually rotate them the correct way and pull handles by dragging the mouse.  It makes you feel like you are actually unlocking a big safe and figuring out the mystery behind it, instead of just some basic point and click puzzle game.

As the chapters unfold, the puzzles and challenges get increasingly difficult.  Requiring a lot more thought and wits.  Also, as the game goes on, the mystery progresses.  During some of the puzzles and challenges, you find notes which are seemingly left behind by whoever it is that created or sealed the safe.  These notes are pretty cryptic at first, but as you play on and you find more and more of them, you start to figure out the mystery behind this safe and why it has such an intricate and perplexing security to it.


The Room is a small, puzzle game with near to no story.  Thankfully due to its small size it is also relatively cheap. The Room receives a 7.5/10, the game looks good, has great controls and challenging puzzles.  If you enjoy puzzle games with actual challenges to them, have a look into The Room.

This review is based on the PC copy of The Room, experiences may differ on iOS and Android.

The Room

AUD $7


  • - Challenging puzzles
  • - Great design and look


  • - Very short

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