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The Room Two is a mystery puzzle game developed and published by Fireproof Games.  The game was released on PC on July 5th, 2016.  It is the sequel to the original The Room game which came out on PC on July 28th, 2014.  You can read our review of the original game here.  Like the original game, it came out previously on Android and iOS with updated visuals for the PC release.

The Room Two sees you again, unlocking complicated and often extravagant puzzles in order to progress.  This time, however, there are some major changes.  There is not only one room to play in, each time you complete a chapter you are taken to a new room with a completely new setting, such as an ancient ruin or into an old sailing ship.
The puzzles are just as challenging, possibly more so than the previous game, and they include a lot more variety now.  Instead of simply trying to find ways to open different compartments in order to open up the box over and over, you are given multiple places in each room you can interact with, and multiple different types of items, such as mirrors, crossbows, chests and walls.  The small supernatural elements that we occasionally got glimpses of in the first game have returned and immediately make themselves known.  Once you have completed a room you obtain a small gem, and then must match up a symbol which appears in the air, which you can only spot with your eye lens.  Once you’ve done that, a creepy door will appear and take you to the next area.

This game provides quite a unique challenge.  It’s not so hard that you need to be a brainiac to figure it all out, but it’s not so simple that you can just click away and eventually get something right.  You need to use the physics system to drag, open and press different intractable objects to figure out each room.  Also making its return is the eye lens, an item that lets you see things otherwise invisible to the human eye, such as fingerprints and strange markings which can give you clues.  If you ever get stuck and have no idea what to do next, make sure to use the eye lens, because it is guaranteed that half the time you have probably just forgotten to check it, as most players do.

The game looks even better than the original one did, but this is mostly due to the different settings and rooms.  Instead of being stuck in some dark room, probably an attic of some kind, you travel all over solving a variety of puzzles.  When you are on the ship, it actually sways back and forth, you can hear the creaking of the wood and the waves lapping against the sides.  In the dark ruins, there is eerie silence, occasionally interrupted by ominous droning noises.  For a puzzle game, it has a great sense of ambience to it that some other games can’t quite grasp.


The Room Two is out now on PC for AUD $7.  The game takes everything it did right from the first one, and heavily improves upon them.  The puzzles are more challenging, intricate and interesting, the locations are incredibly varied and great to look at and it even has a great sense of ambience for a puzzle game.  The Room Two receives an 8.5/10, a great mystery puzzle game which everyone can enjoy, not just puzzle enthusiasts.

This review is based on the PC copy of The Room Two, experiences may differ on iOS and Android.

The Room Two

AUD $7


  • Larger scale puzzles
  • More challenging
  • Great locations


  • Short Length
  • No replayability