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The Green Game: Timeswapper Review

Throughout the plethora of enjoyable little tidbits on Steam, hold onto your seats ladies and gents, we have found a delicious little morsel!  Engage every element of puzzle solving, time management, ‘just give it one more go’ style determination, and brace yourselves for the epicness that is The Green Game: TimeSwapper.

Indy developers iFun4all have masterfully created this 2d platform style game with 50 highly addictive levels, requiring you to guide a mechanical/plush parrot hybrid through a mass of rotatable steam jets, spiked walls,

The Green Game: Timeswapper Level 12 gameplay.

propellers, and crumbling walls to safely reach his little glass box of sanity.  While this may seem simple enough, the parrot is on a one-way course travelling in a straight line, in a similar manner to Flappy Bird, but without the incessant tapping.  Using the steam jets, you need to think quickly to determine the most beneficial path through the deathmaze, collecting as many green gears as you possibly can.  Your final score is comprised of the amount of gears collected, along with the number of deaths racked up.  To add to the intricacy, each item, such as when the steam is produced from the jets, is only accessible during a specific time period.  Manipulating time is achieved via a green beam, dragging it up or down to access the required time period - hence the TimeSwappers‘ title.

As level progression is achieved, they have matched the increase in difficulty almost perfectly.  Each level feels progressively more challenging, but never to the point where it feels frustratingly impossible.  Little additions to each level, such as the steam jets rotating, or the walls that need crumbling, and the later additions of powerups, combat the expected boredom that many 2D platforms eventually encounter.  Each level feels fresh and exciting, and the copious ways your little parrot dies becomes highly entertaining, producing many a giggle when he becomes a parrot pancake or faceplants into the spikes.  While there is a distinct lack of storyline, it is one of the very few times that it doesn’t really make much difference to how you engage within the game - you will be cheering that little parrot on regardless!

The soundtrack consists of upbeat jazz sounds that match the hectic feel of the game perfectly, and in fact adds to the excitement during gameplay.  While these sounds are on a consistent loop, the track is one of those Sunday arvo feels and remains enjoyable, even after hours of play.  They have really created something gorgeous with this soundtrack, as it caters to the preference of different musical genres, while remaining quite simplistic.

The One of three level select screens.

While with many games the menu is nothing really worth discussing, this game is very much an exception.  The developers have really concentrated on pumping the enjoyment factor throughout every aspect of the game, from the hilarious little cartoon intro, to the eye-popping menu and a level selection that resembles the online programs where you can zoom through the solar system, enforcing the ‘zooming through time’ feel of the over-all game.  While the main colour scheme is limited to green and black, the game is well complimented by shades of each colour and the adept use of negative space, that manages to make the colour scheme feel fresh and interesting throughout each level.

While there isn’t a specific difficulty level selection, movements are applied through both the mouse and directional arrows which can offer a difficulty within itself.  While some may prefer to use the mouse, mixing it up with the directional arrows will prove to be more testing.  There are minimal glitches - a few times the game didn’t register the movement of the mouse quickly enough - and while they did result in a frustrating death, it had no real impact on the over-all quality or enjoyment of the game.


The Green Game: Timeswapper is sure to explode into the next addiction for gamers, catering for the puzzle lovers, the 2d platform players, or those looking for something past the many match-em-up style games out there.  Every single element of this game, from the music, colours to gameplay has been obviously carefully considered, and it works so very well.  Available now on Steam for the tiny price of USD 3.99 (AUD 5.28), it is worth every cent.

You can view a trailer of the game here.

Cassie Blunt
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