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Seasons After Fall is a 2D platform-puzzler game developed by Swing Swing Submarine and published by Focus Home Interactive for PC.  The game is due to be released on September 2nd, 2017.

In Seasons After Fall, you play as a mysterious seed guided by a spirit, you possess a wild fox and control his actions as you traverse the levels in search of the four seasons and their guardians.  The basics of the gameplay follow the formula of other platform games.  Seasons After Fall, however, has a unique twist in which, once seasons are collected and absorbed, you can use them to change the environment around you.  Winter freezes water, autumn brings rain and can be used to grow plants, every change of season is used to open a new pathway to a different area.  Puzzles located throughout the levels require you to use the seasons to complete them.

The game is a real enigma to begin with.  You are thrown into it with no instructions on how to proceed, it was only by experimentation and randomly barking at objects that I managed to work my way through at the beginning of my playthrough.  Once you’ve got the hang of the controls and have unlocked the seasons it then becomes second nature.  I personally love the fact that the game will not hold your hand.  This is what drives the puzzle game genre and allows us to explore more of the environment and its possibilities while discovering new game mechanics along the way.  While the game is a puzzle at heart it isn’t extremely difficult or taxing so it’s easy to find yourself captivated in the game and lose all sense of time.  The story, while good, just didn’t manage to engage me as much as the beautiful art and audio.

Every piece of artwork is full of vibrant colours and is beautifully hand-drawn, you can really see that the developers poured their heart and soul into it all.  The smallest details have been including from the fox’s eyes sparkling blue, small leaves falling occasionally when the Autumn season is active, to the reflections in the water and ice.  It is evident when playing through the game that a lot of thought and effort has gone into its design and thanks to its design the game will look just as good in years to come.  The ambient sound and music that complements the game is a live string quartet, it’s enchantingly composed and really melds into the gameplay perfectly.  The combination of its graphics and audio provides a very relaxing play through.


Seasons After Fall is a beautifully enchanting game where it is easy to lose yourself in its vast depth of colours, beautiful music and enthralling puzzles for this reason I have given the game an 8.7/10.  I do feel however the story could have been better and more engaging, but I also wonder was that the developer’s intention to bring a relaxing experience through audio and art style while not heavily focusing on the story narrative.

Developer: Swing Swing Submarine

Seasons After Fall was reviewed with a PC promo copy of the game, experience on other platforms or versions may vary.

Seasons After Fall













            • Breathtaking Visuals
            • Relaxing experiance
            • Enchanting Audio


            • Story not engaging