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Poly Bridge Review

This time, we’re thinking in bridges! Take a look at our Poly Bridge review.

The aim of Poly Bridge is to get each vehicle across the bridge which you have built safely and smoothly.  To achieve the best possible outcome you must stay within the budget, make sure the bridge has the least stress possible put on it and of course not drown the innocent civilians wanting to get across.  A very basic premise that becomes very addictive and provides a lot of laughter when the bridge collapses.


When you first start up you will be introduced to a lengthy tutorial telling you how it all works and how to build a structurally safe bridge with all the features being used.  The tutorial is simple and explains everything well enough so that you don’t have to keep going back to it.  The levels are set out like Super Mario’s level selection system where there are world hubs and you must jump to the next level to start it, it’s even titled the same like world 1 - 2.  Each level is different and as you progress the levels increase the challenge and add more features, harsher objectives to meet but it doesn’t become unfair.  As time moves on a lot of hilarious things will happen with the transport going across due to your complicated designs.

The most fun challenge of them all is the jumping challenge for me.  So many crazy things happened while trying to get the bike and car across I was laughing too much.  The failure doesn’t frustrate it’s just funny.  Unfortunately on the jumping challenge though I ran into an issue where the level wouldn’t complete even though my car was at the goal, it just kept driving onwards into a cliff.  Poly Bridge reminds me of many Apps across the iOS store and Google Play store.  The option to go into sandbox mode and create your own level designs is also available which adds replayability or the chance to create some crazy levels.  If creating isn’t your thing you can always head into the Steam Workshop to use other people’s levels.

Graphics and Sound: 

Poly Bridge utilises the Unity engine and it does so very well.  Each world has a different design and it has a cartoony look about it but the simplicity of the graphics adds to the aesthetics of the game.  It screams out “I’m a simple game but I’m full of infinite possibility” and, as I always say, simple is not a bad thing.  The soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay of Poly Bridge is so uplifting and relaxing, I could leave the game on all day just to listen to the soundtrack, it fits in with the gameplay so well it makes it a relaxing game rather than a game that may get stressful the harder it gets.  The only thing I noticed with graphics though it’s a tiny negative, the boats just seem to vanish in a very strange way as if it’s compacting on its self.


I had a lot of laughs with Poly Bridge, I had to go online to check walkthroughs with one or two levels as my bridges kept failing.  It is an addictive and relaxing game that you could easily spend the whole day playing or even pop on for a few minutes completing one level at a time.  Even after you’ve finished you can complete challenges in different ways or take on Poly Bridge’s sandbox mode.  If you want to play other peoples levels well head into the Steam Workshop to download some of the levels, it’s all there.  The only negative thing I could possibly say about the game is that it gets very hard very fast for me at least.

Poly Bridge

AUD $16












            • - Relaxing Soundtrack
            • - Addictive Gameplay
            • - Failure just becomes hilarious


            • - Couple bugs when crossing bridge

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