Have you ever wondered how a virus works, how it travels around the world infecting humans and animals with pinpoint precision and waiting to find its new host?  Maybe you’ve just wondered what the next big plague to threaten all life on earth would be, with Plague Inc: Evolved, you finally have the chance to see it unfold in all of its gruesome glory.  Plague Inc: Evolved lets you engineer a disease, whether it be a general run of the mill bacteria or a more complex Nano-Virus.  Your goal in this game is not unlike Donald Trump, try to make yourself into the world’s most deadly super virus, while the world tries to find a cure to stop you, your job is to infect and ultimately kill all the humans in the world

Initially the game presented as something pretty exciting and an interesting concept for a real-time strategy, but as you delve further into the content and play a couple of matches you realize quite quickly this isn’t just a pretty exterior, it’s actually quite in depth, from Canada’s amazing health care system to a cold climate being an unsuitable place for many plagues to grow.  Speed is always a factor when trying to kill the general populous, so you have the option of three different speeds when playing in the game and even a handy little pause button for when you just need a break from giving people stiff necks and runny noses.  There are a number of quite pungent classes to choose from, Bioweapon, Bacteria, Nano-virus and a personal favorite of all, the Simian flu to name a few, all with their own little perks and cute pictures.  Diseases can be mutated by different genes, some may increase your urban population infection rate, others may help in an open environment, but are fully customisable with three gene slots available.  Viruses can be customised in a few different ways, transmission, abilities, and symptoms.  These will upgrade your virus in nearly any and every way possible, increase cold survival, nasal congestion, and airborne/water-carrying properties, the world is your immune system playground.  A recent addition of multi-player gives you the chance to team up with friends and destroy the world with two new viruses, or go head to head to see who can do the most damage without being cured.  Just when you think the game has reached its peak you realize, wait, what’s that, is that the sounds of panicked citizens fleeing for their lives?  YES!  Plague Inc: Evolved brings some quite terrifying screams and sounds to you to really hook you into the epidemic that is unfolding.

Environments in the game actually feature in a huge way as to where you could start to make the biggest impact, sometimes staying in China was an amazing idea with their 1.4 billion people population, or start in Australia and just kick back with a stubby and hope something good happens.  Yet again with more in-depth stuff, sorry.  Where you start may increase your infection rate, but how you evolve your plague has a huge effect on your growth depending on where you are.  For example, if you start in India, you may want to start your transmission tree with livestock and blood transmission, whereas, in China, you may just want to go with air and water.  It may well just turn you into a quick thinking, Real Time Strategy (RTS) playing genius in no time flat.

Graphically the game excelled, while most of the game is a shot of a world map and your infection progress, the map is quite detailed and very fluid in animation.  That being said, when selecting or viewing your delectable disease of choice, its model is quite stunning and very detailed, nearly like looking through a microscope at your marvelous creation, and on top of that, the more upgrades you put into your virus, the more you get to watch your killer grow.

Honestly, for an Indie game, Plague Inc: Evolved excelled in every way possible and nothing really blemished its progress at any point.  Obviously, this is a game best suited for a strategist, but that doesn’t limit it in the slightest, the casual gamer just wanting to cause carnage can jump on and have a gigantic killing spree and not stress too much over technique or progression.



So the question stands after this review; “Is Plague Inc: Evolved worth the money it’s being sold for on the Steam service?  Yes, Yes, did I happen to mention Yes?  It is by far one of the best games released this year.  Such a simple concept but a lot of thought and planning has gone into what can make this game really great, and to the dev team, you really have to take your hat off for them, if you don’t have a hat, buy one, then take it off.  Do yourself a favour, if you’re scrolling through the Steam service and wondering what to buy, look not to those big names that you aren’t sure of, spend a small amount of cash, get a game you can play with your friends, oh…. did I mention you can name your plague whatever you want?  I made Donald Trump’s Toupe take over the world… worth it… so worth it….

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