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Overpower Early Access Review

Overpower started as and still remains an unfunded passion project by 2 guys who love RPG games and PvP combat. They grew up playing Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Evermore, and Secret of Mana. Naturally when the MMO scene took over with Everquest, Final Fantasy XI, and WoW, they jumped on board. This combined with their affinity for shooter games like Counter – Strike, Quake, and Unreal Tournament, naturally set the stage for creating Overpower -

This sold us.  These few sentences lead me down the merry path to checking out the Early Access trailer.  I viewed the trailer and immediately knew I wanted to review the game for BLOT Gaming.  Overpower is a medieval third-person shooter that draws its tactical elements from the Role Playing Game (RPG) and Multi-player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genres.  That is to say, you can unlock skills, weapons and armour and these skills are placed on up to four different hot-keys to use at will.  There are four classes that Overpower treats you to (though this is the Early Access so certainly there will be more released); The Mage - an extremely bursty Damage Per Second (DPS) build with (oddly) high survivability due to her numerous spell shields; The Assassin - another DPS bursty hero but one who uses stuns and stealth to make their plays; the Ranger - an extremely mobile and long ranged combatant who kites and; the Warrior - a tanky heavy hitter with crowd control.

This was an interesting game, while it is fun to sit down and have a few matches with your friends in a chaotic series of deathmatches, due to a few bugs, the choppy animations and bland look of the game, you’re better off waiting to see how this game improves, coming out of its Beta form. - Shaun (BLOT Gaming Writer)

Overpower plays sort of like a hectic third-person Smash Brothers. With different abilities/moves to decimate your foes with on levels of slightly varying size and design.  You choose one of the four classes and go in against (or with each other) in one of five different game modes. (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture Points, Critter Capture and Last Team Standing.)  You have the option of adding any number of Bots, as there didn’t appear to be a player cap on any of the maps (this was odd?).  We encountered a weird error where even when we set the bots number, we loaded into a few games with just us - cue ‘awkward’ standing around waiting for bots.  You enter into a very bright and vibrant map - colourful yet, somehow it felt sparse and bland.  However, a clear amount of effort has gone into the 3D design of the map and the surrounding objects as well as the character models, so perhaps the amping up of the maps is still to come.

When it comes to somewhat cartoony, third-person slash-em-ups, Overpowered is certainly one at the top of the list of candidates with serious potential for the future.  However, a more expansive set of character classes, and a more in-depth look at each character’s unique abilities might be needed as some felt quite ineffective to say the least. - Paul (another BLOT Gaming Writer)

What we immediately noticed was lack of interactivity. You couldn’t smash barrels, you couldn’t open doors, there’s no switches or buttons to change the environment around you (so far).  Without a doubt this would have kicked our enjoyment up a notch or two - interactive environments always leave players feeling like there’s more to do and more tactics to be juiced out of the game.  There were, however, portal gates and power-ups.  I would love to see at least three or four other power-ups (rather than just the health refill and “overpower” power-up) when Overpower comes out of Early Access - I mean even the games name seems like there should be dozens to find!  Adding in this feature and interactivity would certainly give your playstyle a kick in the pants.

The classes were….generic. Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Ranger.  Paul, a writer with our company commented that he was surprised that the game didn’t have at least one non-generic class even for the Alpha and I am in agreement. Although I get the gist; Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) I would have loved to have seen, I don’t know, maybe a Druid class that could summon or a Geomancer class that messed with the environment.  Yes, even in the Alpha.  The classes’ abilities were simple yet hard to master at the same time.  Often the Assassin’s foot would go flying as they missed what appeared to be an obvious connection on their stun kick, their poisoned blades wouldn’t actually poison.  Some classes were definitely far too powerful - with the Assassin having an almost permanent Stealth run, the Warriors dash allowing him to clear half a map (and his overhand smash being almost an instakill) it would be nice for balance and variety to make an appearance here.  We would have loved the option of a brief tutorial before play, as a few of the staff members, myself included, didn’t realise that you could, in fact, change your abilities mid game with the ‘N’ key, thinking you had to wait for death and the re-spawn time to kick in.  Changing up the abilities is a must as some of the abilities, Assassin’s poison blades, seem useless whereas others, Warrior’s ground smash, are so overpowered in comparison.

Simple to understand but difficult to master, there are hours of fun to be had in learning the ins and outs of each of the four available classes.  Overpower is a dynamic shooter that triumphantly blends magic and MOBA in a way that is best enjoyed with friends. - Camilla (yet another BLOT Gaming Writer)

I’m glad they showed that there will be other weapons and armour later down the track as I really wanted to see some of the amazing outfits and weapons we saw in the trailer.  The weapons themselves seem to come in a few distinct types; Seeking; Leeching; Electrical; Fire and; Cold - are the options we noticed recurring most often. Though the minimal amount this changed your game-play, Leech excluded perhaps, shouldn’t motivate anyone one way or the other.  The aesthetics of them though was a-typical of the environments - semi-cartoonish but in a bad-ass way.  No particular item looked like the developer had thrown it any higher degree of attention to detail than the others and they all looked equally pleasing to the eye.

This game was quick and fun to play; even if I did one time re-spawn in such a way that had me impaled on a fence until I was killed again.  My character was easy to control and re-spawning was quick.  I died a lot. - Liz (BLOT Gaming Managing Director)

Movement was smooth and responsive, however, occasionally we experienced clipping and glitching with walls - and two to three times we re-spawned directly into a wall.  However, generally, the movement was pretty perfect, you moved where you were supposed to and rarely were there instances where you missed the direction you were heading in.  I would love to see a Double Jump added - as it stands, the jump option is reasonably useless, perhaps saving you the first two to three steps of a staircase, if that - and certainly making it difficult for you to get on top of objects.  I recall at one stage I was trying to climb a barrel and two boxes to get the higher vantage point, but it took me so long to scale the objects with my poor jump height that I was slaughtered by an archer before I could get up there.  Ouch.

All in all?  It’s a great game from a two man development team, they’ve really nailed what gamers are looking for and I’d be extremely curious as to the other aspects behind Overpower like story and history.


Every single issue I encountered is an Early Access issue.  Standard issues that I’m sure will be fixed prior to launch. Clipping, animations, jump height issues, weapon and class balance.  There was nothing at all in the early access that would stop me grabbing this game in the future.  Overpower is likely going to fill an extremely niche role that no other shooter currently does, or can, and we enjoyed playing it immensely.  It has the potential to be that amazingly fun party game you and your mates revert to when you get tired of the toxicity in Call of Duty or Battlefield.  It certainly deserves your attention and I’m sure your hard-earned cash too when it leaves Early Access.  Definitely grab this when it hits the shelves.

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