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OutfoldedOutfolded is a minimalist puzzle game available on the App Store with an endless amount of levels to traverse.  Developed by Melbourne trio, 3 Sprockets, Outfolded is a relaxing, challenging, and almost enlightening experience which smashes the constraints of what is possible with such a simple premise.

14102116_10153573217816442_554145942_nThe goal is to unfold a wide assortment of polycubes, basically three-dimensional Tetris pieces, to travel from one square on the grid to another.  Three polycubes are supplied for each level, with their shapes gradually becoming more complicated as you progress.  The game begins with the good old cube, rolling short distances towards the objectives.  As you begin to reach higher levels, though, more articulate polycubes announce themselves and the path to the goal square becomes riddled with gaps.

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A limitless undo button and an exploitable hint system make light work of even the hardest stages, though.  You’ll kick off with six hints to use, which will point out when to use one of the shapes and how to unfold it, but if you find yourself running low you can pick up more either by purchasing them or by watching an ad.

OutfoldedPart of the gameplay’s charm is the infinite level structure, with a limitless set of levels ready to roll out immediately after you finish each one.  There’s no cut and paste job, either, with levels flowing seamlessly on from your final finishing point in the level prior.  The gradual increase works well to drag the player into prolonged playing sessions.  No level feels the same and you’ll forget all about the 3-4 levels that had you stuck in a rut when you satisfyingly figure out the next one on your first go.  There are also daily challenges to take to, and you can keep up with your friends via the Game Center-optimised leader boards.

Screenshot_iPad_02Even getting stuck on a level for what can seem like forever is not a frustrating experience.  The game does a fantastic job of spruiking a supremely relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, it’s certainly a game that can help you wind down after a stressful day.  The ambience of the background music is the stuff dreams are made of and you’ll be blessed by the presence of a cute piano note with every fold of the block.

14111633_10153573217741442_46017909_nVisually, too, Outfolded is a relaxing pleasure.  The pastel colours of each level are a treat and tie well into the relaxing aesthetics of the game.  Relaxing - that’s a word we’ve used a lot so far in this review, but it’s important to nail down just how much of an unwinding experience this is, a particularly lofty feat given that it is a puzzle game.  It’s also something that the developers have intentionally shot for with the about section of the game’s website stating;

Relax, zone out and experiment in a never-ending series of levels, or take on the challenging daily puzzles to earn hints and pit yourself against the best.

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Outfolded is one of the best mobile games we’ve picked up in a while because it champions everything that the mobile platform is capable of.  Accessible yet challenging, entertaining yet absorbing, Outfolded is a treat to all of the senses (okay, maybe not taste. We do not endorse eating your iPhone).  We give Unfolded a 9/10 and highly recommend it particularly given its status as a free mobile game.

Outfolded is currently available on iOS platforms via the App Store.




  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Relaxing audio
  • Relaxing visuals


  • Only one game mode
  • Exploitable hints