Holy thumb work Batman, that’s a hell of a lot of tapping!

When Injustice: Gods Among Us first arrived on consoles in April of 2013, fans of DC Comic’s wide array of characters and Mortal Kombat’s brutality infused style of game-play were simply overjoyed and with good reason.  Graphically impressive, narratively strong and easy to control, Injustice included almost everything they could have anticipated.  However, it was just two weeks prior to its release on consoles that Injustice: Gods Among Us found its first true home on Apple’s iOS for both the iPhone and iPad, setting the stage in a rather impressive fashion.

The Injustice: Gods Among Us iTunes page, where it can be downloaded for free

Despite sharing its name with the largely popular console edition, Injustice largely differs in its game-play where rather than a simple 1 on 1 matchup, each battle takes place between two separate teams that consist of three distinct heroes and or villains.  While this unique form of game-play was first made popular in arcades throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Warner Bros. has achieved an impressive feat in making this feel like a fresh change of pace, rather than an outdated game mechanic from the past.  Unfortunately, the only drawback of this style can be found amidst its almost manic presentation of constant button mashing, which may leave some people wondering just how it is that their screens can hold up under such a hellacious drubbing.  

It’s what lies beyond these tap-happy battles that truly sets this mobile edition apart from its console brethren, however, as unlike the story-driven solo-campaign offered through consoles, the Injustice mobile game holds absolutely no true narrative design whatsoever.  Instead, players are given the opportunity to collect ‘Character Cards’, with each new card representing one of DC’s well-known characters, all of whom they may choose to use as a member of their team.  With these ‘Character Cards’ also comes a bevy of power-ups and upgrades, most of which are intended for the use of one particular character - i.e. the Green Lantern’s Lantern.

The collection page, where each player can upgrade and purchase characters for their team


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this mobile iteration is the way that Warner Bros. has developed the ability to make use of the eye-popping Unreal Real 3 engine graphics that made their console version so memorable, and implement them on such a small scale.  Most of the focus in this department is clearly centered on the characters themselves, with their wardrobe of alternative outfits, the large array of special moves, and the way they are bolstered by an even larger line-up of personas than any of the console versions to date.  Unfortunately, many of the more popular characters can be difficult to access for some time, unless you are aided by the use of micro-transactions which will allow for a much more rapid growth in both roster and power.  Even smaller details, such as the brief images and messages which flash across screens in the background, most of which go unnoticed due to the pace of the game, ultimately help draw the player into the high-tech super world in which their favourite heroes live.  

Superman and Lex Luthor, locked in yet another ferocious battle

For those looking beyond the very limited reach of a narrative-less mash-em-up style game, it is also important to note that the Injustice mobile game has recently undergone a substantial change, in which two brand new play-modes have been freshly implemented.  The first being a classic online vs. mode, in which players are given the opportunity to test their skills against those of other players around the world.  The second quite aptly named the ‘Survival’ mode, plunges players into a nearly endless array of enemies in a very Mortal Kombat style ‘ladder’ format, which ultimately ends when the player’s team is finally defeated.  These new additions greatly bolster an already impressive game, and only help in sustaining its already addictive nature.


Despite being largely hindered by its complete lack of narrative or plot, the mobile iteration of Injustice: Gods Among Us is sure to impress fans of both DC Comics and the more arcade style genre of games alike.  With its fresh new feel to a mostly aged game mechanic, Injustice is able to work past the manic and thumb torturing play-style, ultimately providing players with what just about anyone would expect from such a game - a fun, time filling experience that is worth every last second you spend playing it.

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Although his time in the gaming industry has just begun, Paul has been writing for several years on top of achieving his diplomas in both Sociology and Systems Administration. While he prefers to play his games through console, he never shies away from a chance to enjoy a great AAA or indie title on the PC whenever he can. Some of his favorite games are - Red Dead Redemption, DOOM, Batman: Arkham City and Fallout 3
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  • Impressive graphics for a mobile game
  • Wider array of available characters when compared to console.
  • Large attention to detail in both character traits and background ambience.


  • Absolutely no plot.
  • Game-play can be rough on even the best game-trained thumbs.
  • Micro-transactions may be necessary to garner much-wanted characters.
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