Ellipsis, currently featured on the iOS App Store in “Best Minimalist Game” and “Best New Games”.  Ellipsis is a new neon-retro puzzle game from the minds of Yacine Salmi and Stefan Hell.  Ellipsis has been in development for 2 years now and was released into the iOS App Store February 10th 2016.  However if you are not an iOS consumer don’t worry, it is scheduled to release onto Android Q2 2016 and onto further platforms after that.

This neon-retro exploration puzzle game is not just about completing the levels, it is about experimenting with the mechanics of the game, exploring the worlds and of course collecting all of the stars.  There are no words, there is no tutorial.  The beginning of Ellipsis is very simplistic and encourages you to touch the screen, experimenting with how to play.  There is no goal given, there are no warnings about dangers; you figure it out yourself.

The art style is very unique for a mobile game, with the jet black background and fluorescent neon colours.  It is very reminiscent of the art style for Geometry Wars.  Ellipsis is made up entirely of 2 dimensional lines and geometric shapes.  Blue indicates the friendly circles to collect and harsh reds denote what will end your exploration through neon space.  There are a variety of traps and enemies to avoid while making your way through the 8 worlds and 120+ levels, rotating turrets and lasers being a great example.  The layout for the worlds between levels take on ancient temple looks.  In the beginning you can barely make anything out but the more you play the more you progress through the temples, skipping between turrets guarding doors and the like.

The sound effects for Ellipsis are very simplistic.  It doesn’t seem to have much background atmosphere but every action has soft little blips and beeps to add to the atmosphere.  It pulls this off in a perfect harmony, there isn’t so little background that you are bored yet the blips and beeps don’t get annoying and repetitive.

Game-play is super simple in Ellipsis, all you do is use your finger to control your little circle, pretty simple.  It is a little bit of a pain playing on smaller screens such as phones due to finger size and not being able to see the whole screen, this is not much of an issue on larger screens like iPads.  Your little circle moves as fast as your finger can swipe the screen so there is no issue with lag.


Ellipsis is a great, vibrant, minimalistic puzzle explorer.  At the small cost of USD 4.99 (AUD 6.92) it is a great game for anyone that likes to just pick-up and play and not be bombarded with strategies, micro transactions and time-based mechanics.

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Jamieson Kuchel

Jamieson is an Adelaide based reviewer for BLOT Gaming. In his time away from playing games and writing for BLOT he paints and attempts to photograph with little success.
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  • Great visuals
  • Super simplistic
  • Refreshing style and game-play


  • Frustrating on smaller screens
  • Can get quite enemy intense
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