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Dying Light PC Review

Dying Light review.  Good Night and Good Luck.

Dying Light was developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros.  It released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 29th, 2015 with an Enhanced Edition arriving February 9th, 2016.  Dying Light is a first-person, action, role-playing, survival game.


Dying Light puts you in the shoes of Kyle Crane who is sent undercover to infiltrate the city of Haran to gain a cure for the GRE, little does he know that the GRE has other plans.  Kyle Crane starts working for the survivors in Harran, quickly becoming quite the hero, and starts questioning the GRE throughout.  The story is quite basic but offers some really shocking twists and turns along the way.  While the story isn’t the game’s highlight I still thoroughly enjoyed everything and would gladly play it again, but more for the gameplay.  A few of the moments towards the end do send your heart racing thinking which character is going to make it and seeing whether Kyle Crane’s journey will end well or not.


Dying Light for me shines in its gameplay, a beautiful apocalyptic city that you can traverse on the ground or on the rooftops due to the parkour abilities which really aid the zombie apocalypse setting well.  There’s nothing like running away from ‘Volatiles’ jumping all over the place while also peeing yourself.  The night time is where Dying Light really comes to life.  At night Volatiles will enter the scene, they are strong and fast, and you will die.  Volatiles will search the area with little vision cones on the map telling you where the safest route is but sometimes they’re in such great numbers you just have to take a risk with a small success rate.  To ward off the Volatiles, UV lighting is the best way to slow them down, it will weaken them and if you level up eventually you will be able to take them on but it still isn’t easy.

During the day you will face the normal zombies who are slow and many in number, the infected who have just turned and can even fool you as they still have a bit of brain function so can utter words which chill you to the core.  Special zombies also roam the lands such as Suiciders who explode dealing massive damage, the Toad who fires acid like spit, the Screamer, Goons who use a rebar club and are hard to take down and finally the Demolishers, another really tough enemy that will turn you into human jam.

Dying Light has a leveling system which is very rewarding to say the least, you will level up your athletics tree purely from performing parkour as much as possible.  This unlocks special moves, such as drop kicking, faster and stronger parkour skill and much more.  Also available is the survivor section which you can upgrade to make weapons and tonics to help temporarily enhance your stamina or damage among other things.  Lastly, you can upgrade your combat by smashing the faces of many zombies and this will unlock skills such as stronger weapons, weapons degrade less and better weapons mods.

The weapon modding in Dying Light is another huge part of it all, no one wants to go around with a simple wooden chair leg when you can get a sledgehammer with three circular saws on the end of it instead.  Dying Light offers a blueprint weapon modding system in which you will find blueprints either lying around or earn as quest rewards.   There is a huge range to choose from for all play styles.

Dying Light also features two multiplayer modes.  ‘Become the Zombie’ lets you invade people’s games as a special zombie that will have to stop the survivor from destroying its nests.  This experience is really terrifying, you are constantly watching the rooftops for those tentacles to grab you out of nowhere.  The special infected will pounce on you from the unknown and the only way to slow them down is using the UV light then pounding the hell out of them which will buy you a few seconds to take down the nests.

Graphics and Sound: 

The design of Harran from the ground up is beautiful and sprawling and overflowing with the undead.  Each zombie, when hit, loses chunks of their flesh, it’s an incredible design feature, makes it feel more realistic.  Harran itself, from the slums to the big city are uniquely detailed in that you’ll never feel like you’re seeing the same textures and models over and over again.  Harran also contains many interiors to explore which contain blood-soaked hallways which span whole apartment complexes and other buildings.  Dying Light succeeds in creating an apocalyptic hell, which is why I love it.


Dying Light for me is my number one zombie game, as seen in my Top 10 Zombie Games article.  It creates a tense atmosphere and with the added parkour creates some intense chase scenarios that are truly memorable.  The only negative thing I’d have to say is the story isn’t anything special, I think with a slightly better storyline, it would have been a perfect 10 for me.


Dying Light



  • - Zombies
  • - Parkour
  • - Leveling Sytem
  • - Night Time
  • - Weapons System


  • - Story slightly lacking

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