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Welcome to the world’s shortest review, Drifty Chase.

Really, though, there’s not a lot you can say about Drifty Chase.  The objective is extremely simple and the method of completing the objective even simpler.  You have a basic car, you tap once to turn in a predefined direction and, through either extreme luck or precise timing - you drift into the corner and tear up the next street.  To make things harder - these are streets with traffic and as the levels progress your speed increases dramatically.  Drifty Chase is exceptionally well designed for kids and younger teens, improving their hand-eye coordination as well as their timing.  The cartoon-ish car models and graphics are perfect for a younger audience and the simple mechanic of a single tap (not a choice of turns) is perfect for the age bracket of 5-15.

The achievement system is based on dollars that enable you to buy more cars.  Unfortunately, the game is absolutely littered with ads, though that seems to be the swing of app developers these days so we are not sure we can punish Crimson Pine just for competing.  As well as your usual ads, you are also given the choice to unlock check points with ads, get dollars with ads, and unlock the next car with ads.  At the moment, reviews of the game show that an update has caused frequent crashes, though we didn’t experience any ourselves, we would warn consumers to be wary about spending a lot of money. However, for us, the game play was smooth, non-erratic and crash-free.

Should I buy it?  It is a toss up.  If you are getting it for your kids/young teen (5-14) then sure, throw out a few dollars to get a hand-eye co-ordination improving game that they will legitimately enjoy - it will be a good intro into car chase games later on in their gamer life.  The “Free-play” version of the game works just fine so we would advise barring in-app purchases since your kids might actually spend a whopping $15 AUD for a safe full of dollars.  Which seems really high for this kind of game.  If you’re an adult, stay away, there is just not enough here to keep your attention span legitimately focused and the gameplay becomes monotonous very quickly.

NOTE: The score below is based on this being a child-focused game - if you are an adult your experience may dramatically differ.


Drifty Chase

AUD $1.99










          • Hand-Eye Training
          • Co-ordination Improvement
          • Basic Mechanics
          • Excellent for young children


          • In-App Purchases are extravagant
          • Ad time is far too long to keep a child focused
          • Not suitable for adults