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Deadman Diaries Review

Deadman Diaries is a choose-your-own-adventure style game, called a “gamebook”.  The gamebook is developed and published by Cubus Games and is available on iOS and Android.  You can check out the news article from BLOT Gaming about the upcoming release of this game here!

Deadman Diaries is not your average smartphone game.  You don’t match 3 or more candies (which are actually called “lollies”) together, and you have to constantly tap the screen (looking at you Colour Switch).  In fact, this game is far removed from the games aimed at 13-year-olds with access to their parent’s savings account (looking back towards you Candy Crush).  This gamebook is something that deals with some pretty serious subjects, namely murder and suicide.

The premise of the Deadman Diaries is simple, you are John Riggs, a problem gambler and bank worker.  John gets himself in serious trouble when he outlays out a lot of money on a “sure thing”, and loses.  From then on, the player makes the decisions while John Riggs deals with the consequences.  Some of which include being shot, stabbed, and even drowned.  Owing some $18,000 to the Irish mob, the player has to make a series of serious decisions to prolong John Riggs’ life, with one possible outcome as an escape.  There are 10 endings all up, 9 deaths and one escape.

The story is very short but interesting, to say the least.  As the game is in the form of diary entries, the story unfolds over a series of many weeks.  Ranging from watching John slip into a drunken stupor, or becoming a lackey for the mob.  Everything depends on how you choose to direct the misled bank worker.  Deadman Diaries also works on the player’s sense of morality and common sense.  Guilt is a large part of a few story branches, will you want to come clean, or will you condemn an innocent person to an unfair fate?  It’s unfortunate that the story is so short, some story arcs only lasting around 10 minutes of play time (if you’re a slow reader).  After completing a story arc, there are no repercussions in future playthroughs, once it’s done, it’s done.  There is no reward for completing all 10 endings when it feels like there should be some hidden story arc after completion.

The Verdict on Deadman Diaries

Deadman Diaries is an interesting and freshly styled smartphone game, and it makes for a healthy break from Pokémon GO (that’s right, we’re talking to you).  As the player goes through the different branches of the game, they build their own picture of “John Riggs”.  An innocent man on the wrong path, or a cynical man who doesn’t care for the repercussions of his actions?  He is a deep character that changes depending on the attitude and views of the player themselves.  Again, the story is, unfortunately, short and easy to complete.  The layout of the game as a diary is an interesting style.  The music and sound in the game are perfectly suited and sticks in the player’s head a long time after quitting.  Finally, Deadman Diaries receives a 7/10 from BLOT Gaming.  Despite its short length, the game is solidly executed, and only $1.49 AUD on the App Store!  Well worth the pickup. Here at BLOT Gaming we are looking forward to what Cubus Games will do next!

Lastly, if you want to see Cubus Games’ other projects, check out their website here!

Deadman Diaries

AUD $1.49


  • - Interesting Style
  • - Perfect Music and Sound
  • - Well Written


  • - Rather Short
  • - A Couple of Translation Issues (NOT Game Breaking)
  • - No Reward For 100% Completion

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