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Dead Rising developed by Capcom is a survival horror which has been remastered, in which you are thrown into the middle of a zombie uprising in Willamette.  You are Frank West, journalist, he’s covered wars ya know. You must help the survivors and find out who caused the infection in Willamette.  Frank must leak the story to the public, but not all goes to plan.  In Dead Rising 2, again developed by Capcom, you play as Chuck Greene.  Chuck Greene needs to make money for Zombrex, a drug that needs to be taken every 24 hours to stop a person who has been bitten from turning.  The Zombrex is for his daughter.  Chuck has been framed for unleashing zombies into the resort and must prove his innocence.  Dead Rising 2 Off the Record throws you back into Frank West’s life and is basically an alternate story to the 2nd game but the scenario is changed slightly around Frank West instead of Chuck Greene.  The stories remain unchanged and that’s a good thing, you’re timed in every game and I like that sense of urgency to rush around finishing everything, it really gives a sense of accomplishment if you manage it all.  Alongside the story missions are physcos and side missions, like rescuing survivors and some require little tasks to get the survivors to follow you, all in all, it really portrays the zombie apocalypse really well.


The gameplay stays true to the original, nothing has changed but it brings both positives and negatives.  In all of the Dead Rising games, you are thrown into malls and resort locations each littered with shops that hold your day to day items, except these day to day items are what you need to survive.  In Dead Rising 2 the weapon system was expanded on and received a combo system in which you could meld two weapons together into some hilariously creative ways to mow down the Undead and it is still a really fun way to get that zombie kill count up.  Leveling is present in all of the games and the cap is 50, each time you level up a skill is earned, whether it be a fighting skill or your life increasing, it’s a very good system that still works in the current gen.  Dead Rising 1 has a survival mode in which you have to hold out for as many days as possible and in the meantime you lose health and every survivor will try and kill you.  While it’s fun, the challenge is a difficult one, so be prepared to have many hours to spare if you take this on.  The number of zombies on the map is still impressive, though. I didn’t notice any jump in zombie numbers, I was hoping the remaster may kick it up a notch.

That brings me into the negatives of the remasters.  Nothing has changed, apart from 1080p and 60fps everything is the same.  The bugs are brought into it from the original titles, the same annoying AI still walk into the zombies and can’t navigate simple paths.  For a remaster it really is disappointing, when you look at such remasters as The Uncharted Collection, The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto 5 all adding graphic enhancements, gameplay enhancements and DownLoadable Content (DLC).  In Dead Rising there just aren’t any notable changes.  For a triple pack that has Dead Rising 1, 2 and Off the Record it’s slightly disappointing that they didn’t include Case Zero which introduced Chuck or Case West that caught back up with Frank West and ended the story nicely.  What’s even more disappointing is the lack of Dead Rising 3.  While it’s not the best, it would have been nice for new users to have a go at and experience the storyline and increase in zombies in a city setting.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are about the only change Capcom made, 1080p and 60fps but in Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, I experienced many frame drops in the arena section whenever I went into crowds of zombies or areas where lights were flickering.  I thought to myself “This should have been enhanced, this shouldn’t have happened”.  It does look smoother but no improvement to lighting, shadows, or anything else.  The sound is again the same, the zombie moans are brilliant and increase as the zombie numbers increase, the voice acting is slightly cheesy but that’s what makes it feel like Dead Rising, the mall music gives it that realistic finish to the environments that both still sound and look good.


Dead Rising TripDead Rising le Pack, is it worth the $75.95 AUD I paid?  For the Dead Rising experience yes, I am a huge fan of the series and I don’t regret buying it.  If you’re looking at it from a remaster point of view and you’ve played the originals, it probably isn’t worth the price tag, which will be more expensive now as the pre-order offer has gone.  It still holds up as a really good game today, I just wish more effort was put into it, maybe a bit more clutter around the place, a little enhancement on textures, shadows and more.  For these reasons I will give the Triple Pack a 7.6, a great game and still holds up today but the remaster could have been slightly better.

Dead Rising Triple Pack

AUD $75.95












            • Story is still engaging
            • Setting and environments
            • Stays true to original
            • Portrays zombie apocalypse very well


            • Same Bugs are still present
            • No changes apart from HD
            • Poor AI