Breached is a weird one.  Let’s preface by saying that.  Developed by Drama Drifters and published by Nkidu Games Inc, it definitely leaves you wondering.

Breached appears to be a walking sim without any walking, a farming sim without any farming and a crafting sim without any crafting.  Essentially it’s a better looking no man’s sky with a lot less areas to explore and minus any form of combat or interaction.  Is it a bad game?  It’s really, really hard to tell.

BreachedThe introduction to our Breached world is actually a hilarious one and done in an MS Dos/Text style break down.  The entire thing essentially alludes to there being an accident and now life support systems are failing.  We appear to have had an accident and our “shelter” is damaged by unknown circumstances (this is from the steam page) and now we must utilise drones to go harvest the necessary items to fix our ship.  What’s weird here is that from the introduction I thought we’d crash landed – and if we hadn’t then why are we searching for fuel cells?  The little text cues are comically written and quite interesting to read (do take the time to read), your synchronisation is done with a series of comically written text prompts and it asks you to calibrate by selecting answers and moving the mouse.  The whole process takes about a minute.

You’re then greeted with your only source of knowing what the hell is going on.  Journal entries.  These entries clue you into exactly what’s happening – for example the first mission, our oxygen is running out and our fuel’s empty.  So we need to send our drones to go harvest the necessary resources so we can fix the ship.  There are three options from your main screen; Deck, Map and Lab.  Deck is simply an image – and an image of what we’re unsure as we never saw anything like it when we sent our drones out.  Map, which shows you the sectors you can send your drones to and Lab, where your crafting takes place.

Sending your drone to a sector begins in absolute anger as you begin to think that the Breachedwhole game looks horrible – however then the drone synchronises and you are greeted with an absolutely beautiful landscape that looks stunning.  Truly, these guys should be giving tips to other artists on ways to make desolate landscapes look gorgeous.  Now, you’re immediately frustrated by a number of things as you embark on your journey.  Left-mouse click is accelerate, right-mouse click is brake/reverse and, nope, no that’s it. That’s all you get.  Two mouse clicks. That’s your whole interactive experience here.  So off we zoom to go resource hunting.  We’re fast, that you’ll notice immediately – with our top speed nearing 250 kilometres an hour.  You skim over the surface but oh no, you’re hurtling towards a wall, too fast, pull up, stop!  Oh….No, it’s okay – because even though collision detection exists – plummeting into a wall at 200 kilometres an hour does zero damage.  Which is lucky because your turning circle in your drone is absolutely zilch – even worse, there’s no strafe.  We get to the resource we need and wait to play some mini game or resource gathering process and we’re disappointed again.  Resource gathering is done by staring at the resource which initiates the retrieval process.

BreachedBreached leaves you feeling like you were given an absolute gem of a game – truly something that could have been so much fun.  Playing with drones, elevating height and scanning then coming down and zooming across the landscape in a super mobile sleek drone.  But what you’re given is a height static, encumbered, completely clumsy machine who stares at resources to collect them.  You’re not given any objective markers, no in-game map and during your search through the landscape, you find yourself utterly bored.  Even coming close to magnetic anomalies stops being scary when you realise you’re twice as fast and can merely turn and zoom away.

What we want to see is interactivity. While the narrative is solid, well written and genuinely intriguing – we want the ability to interact, to take part in what’s going on.  While Steam reviews are calling this “Mistakenly labelled as Survival” we’d probably like it a lot more if it WAS a survival game.  Please, open up the interactivity and give us something to do other than floating.

Breached genuinely could have been amazing and we hope there are updates to it that allow for elevation, strafing, and interactivity.














            • Beautiful landscape
            • Comical Narrative
            • Scripted wonderfully
            • Interesting Story


            • Physics are horrible
            • Controls are clunky
            • No interactivity
            • Walk Sim (Almost?)