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a driving simulation game developed and published by BeamNG.

Gameplay: is a driving game in which you can literally create any scenario you can imagine and play it out in any way you want. allows you to choose from a wide selection of scenarios, free roam levels, cars and challenges which provide hours upon hours of fun.  The scenario mode pits you, for example, into levels like a destruction derby that you can take on with friends or AI, a level where you must land insane jumps to perfection, or my favourite one, the car chases.  Every scenario is packed with very different challenges which aren’t seen in many car games. has chases, races, destruction and you could even roleplay, which felt to me while playing that I hadn’t even scratched the surface. also contains a free-roam mode in which you may select a map to drive in, to do what you want, when you want, perhaps go against AI or create insanely huge crashes which again was another part I enjoyed thoroughly.

Driving in isn’t the easiest of tasks, it feels very real and if you make a small mistake, you’ll soon find yourself spinning out of control which did detract from the experience slightly.  I really did struggle with the controls throughout but with a proper racing wheel, I can imagine the experience would be one of the greatest in any car game.  The car physics shine in the damage department.  The damage caused to the cars is exactly like car crashes in real life and I had hours of fun trying to smash cars up in completely twisted ways.  That’s the kind of game is, do anything you want, create what you want.

If the default content gets slightly old for you, BeamNG has provided a link to download mods in the car selection, the scenario and free roam menus so that you can add other user-created content or even create your own items to add to

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics in looks very realistic, with the car damage made to absolute perfection.  Drive your car at a lamp post it will wrap around it just as it would in real life, you can tell the developers poured their heart and soul into making this realistic experience look great as well as feel great.  The environments are stunning, to say the least and they also really triumphed with the look and feel of the locations.  Jungle rock is the one that impressed the most, small tarmac roads with tropical trees crowding the roadsides and with lighting that compliments the jungle so elegantly.

The sound, unfortunately, can really detract from the realism as most of the cars have one engine sound that is quite intrusive to the ears.  The sound of car crashes is one of the only parts where the sound design shines.

Verdict: is a racing game I want to see make it big, no driving game offers an experience in which you can create any car scenario you’ve ever imagined.  I hope to see it on consoles one day to outshine the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza and become a solid rival. is currently in early access and it does take a fair bit of time to get used to the controls and the system, but once you have nailed everything it shapes up to be quite an exciting ride.

Have you played  If you have let us know what you think about the game in the comments section below.

Source: BeamNG

Beam NG Drive



  • - Do what you want
  • - Realistic in all aspects
  • - Graphics


  • - Sound design
  • - Not the easiest to learn

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