Awesomenauts Assemble is a 2D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA) title developed by Ronimo Games for the PlayStation 4 released on November 27th, 2015.


Welcome to the year 358Awesomenauts7, with war raging across the stars and huge robot armies fighting a never ending battle for world domination.  There is only one way to help turn the tides of war, they must hire the Awesomenauts.  There wasn’t really much of a story to follow, what was played mostly was the custom game mode in which each character had unique personalities that were quite funny and it was amusing to listen to.


When first dropped into the world of Awesomenauts Assemble it felt much like a Worms game but without the turn-based combat.  Awesomenauts throws you into 3 on 3 player battles with a massive range of characters with unique and upgradable abilities so you can dominate the battlefield.  To earn the upgrades you must collect coin like items and also kill enemy robots, AI or other players.  Each upgrade adds different effects and stat boosts, at first the levels were difficult with the AI and it took a lot of getting used to but once stuck in, it becomes a smooth and well-flowing tournament full of action packed fun.  Luckily the leveling system unlocked new characters and stronger abilities so with progression, the game became a lot easier.  Unfortunately, though, not every character or costume could be unlocked, you had to buy extra packs for which felt like a bit of a letdown.  If the whole roster was enabled free of charge, it could have been even better, with a lot more variation in Awesomenautshow players select which characters.

The objective of the game is to wipe out all the enemy turrets to make your way into the enemies base and take it out once they have no defence.  A simple premise but with a lot of amusing moments and strategic planning that makes it different each time you play.  With the many different characters, as mentioned before, each character offers different ways to play.

Graphics and Sound

Awesomenauts feels like an over the top, 2D retro game, and the graphic design doesn’t fail to recreate that feeling, with each character looking different and having multiple different looks to choose from.  Every level in the game is different and is perfectly hand-crafted to replicate the sci-fi theme.  The soundtrack accompanies the action well, when you’re killing the opposition to the music, it just adds to the over the top action giving you the urge to keep pushing on.


Awesomenauts Assemble was a blast, the action packed fighting, the constant discovery of new ways to play and the unique design and playstyle all ticked my boxes.  This is a game you can play on your own, with your friends and family and online in tournaments, it offers many hours of destruction.  I will definitely be going back into the game and playing it with my son even if we did get our butts handed to us on many occasions.  For that reason, I give Awesomenauts Assemble a 9/10

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Awesomenauts Assemble

Awesomenauts Assemble










          • Over the top action
          • Beautiful design
          • Many characters to choose from
          • Brilliant with family and friends


          • Having to pay for more characters
          • Difficult at first