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We are always on the lookout for gaming apps outside of the run-of-the-mill match ’em up games and it looks like we have found a beauty.  Another Case Solved is a mystery-solving, track down the bad guys, match ’em up, line up the suspects, whodunnit, developed by AT Games.

You are the Private Investigator in an age that has outlawed all forms of sugar.  But, as most storylines go, the line separating good and bad becomes very hazy, as you interact with your police and criminal sources for information.  To progress through the main storyline, you must accept random jobs from newspapers that are delivered daily to your office.  Once completed, the gathered newspapers unlock the main storyline that is located in the filing cabinet in your office.  The newspaper jobs range from matching up runs of items (footprints, magnifying glasses, doughnuts and lockpicks), to using hints to pick out a suspect in a lineup, and even tracking down evidence in houses and stores - there is always something to keep you busy, yet you never feel overwhelmed.  This is in large part due to the absence of a time limit.  You can exit a case half-way through, and return if and when you feel ready again.  You feel as though you are really in control of the character, and of the game.

The selection of games include:

  • Match up 3 or more
  • Suspect lineup
  • Evidence collection
  • Find the site

Any cash that you earn during newspaper jobs or rewards from the main storyline can be spent in numerous ways.  You can upgrade your office with items, such as a bigger filing cabinet, or a new desk, that will rope in more cash or candies.  You can use the cash to unlock more clothes, facial features or skins, so you can really create your own unique character.  Or you could unlock the trophy case and start working on achievements.  The list is extensive.

The soundtrack throughout Another Crime Solved is reminiscent of an old school crime movie and really adds to the experience of the game.  While there are pop-ups, these are minimal and are only freeze-frame pictures.  There are no 30-second adds, that so many free-to-play games tend to have unless you click on the telephone on your desk.  This allows the game to have a much smoother transition between cases, greatly adding to the overall enjoyability of the game.

AT Games have developed a gem in Another Case Solved.  It offers variety, an engaging storyline, humorous characters with their own personalities, and highly enjoyable mini games.  It is available on Google Play and the iTunes store and did we mention, it is free?  So do yourself a favour, whip on your detective cap and get ready to track down the bad guys.  You won’t regret it.

Another Case Solved


Another Case Solved



    • Engaging storyline
    • Catchy soundtrack
    • Seamless transitions
    • Game variety


    • Hint selections are finicky
    • Tricky to navigate in some areas