Anima: Gate of Memories is an action orientated Role Playing Game (RPG) released on Steam and the PlayStation store in June 2016.   Developed by Anima Project, the game centres around two characters, The Bearer of Calamities and Ergo.

The Bearer of CalamitiesAnima: Gate of Memories begins by introducing us to The Bearer and Ergo.  They are the game’s main characters and at any time the player may interchange between the two.  This includes during battles scenes and even while performing a move.  Ergo and The Bearer both have different weaknesses, which makes being able to change between them amazingly handy in certain scenes.  The Bearer of Calamities is a hunter of nightmares.  She has no memory of her name, though it is said to be the result of her pact with Ergo.  Throughout the game, her story slowly comes to light.  Ergo Mundus is her travelling companion and a demon.  His soul was forced to bind itself to a book after a massive conflict shattered his body beyond repair.  He is enigmatic, charming and has a past more mysterious than The Bearer’s.

Anima: Gate of MemoriesFighting in the game is fluid, fun and provides enough challenge without making the game too difficult.  The Bearer uses her fighting skills and Ergo’s book as a magic weapon.  Her magic is light based whereas Ergo’s is based around darkness.  Both are needed, or at least it makes battling easier to do so.  The levels are linear, which works really well for this game.  Being rather story-based, having it as an open-world game would have detracted from the original story quite a bit.  Each level looks wonderful, setting the mood for each perfectly.

Anima: Gate of MemoriesEach of the boss enemies in the game is unique with interesting designs and each has a certain weakness you need to find, some harder to find than others.  This makes for really interesting battles and requires the player to strategize quite a bit.  Smaller enemies also have weaknesses.  Some enemies are easier for Ergo to kill, being more susceptible to dark magic, and vice versa with The Bearer.  Certain areas also weaken magic, taking away certain attacks the duo would normally have.

Anima: Gate of Memories

The dialogue in the game is brilliant, with Ergo’s banter to entertain the player and The Bearer’s more serious comments it makes for amusing conversations and story telling.  It is clear from their attitudes toward one another that they have developed a friendship of sorts from being bound together, with Ergo protecting The Bearer with warnings and guidance.  Extremely entertaining and constantly moving, the story makes a massive part of the game.


Overall, Anima: Gate of Memories is a fantastic action RPG that quickly draws you into its world.  Gameplay is awesome, fighting is fun and fast-paced.  Brilliant storytelling, characters that unfold and develop before your eyes, and Ergo’s sense of humour all make this game a wonderful addition to anyone’s game collection.

Anima: Gate of Memories

AUD $27
Anima: Gate of Memories


  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Amazing story
  • Visually gorgeous


  • Linear level design (Not to everyone's taste but work for the game)