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With the introduction of The Morrigan to SMITE, the face of the competitive scene in Season 4 is going to be radically altered.  Her Ultimate, which allows her to change into any other God on either team, means both sides will have to plan their picks and counter picks not just around The Morrigan as a character, but the enemies who it would be most advantageous for her to change into.  Here, we’re going to break down five of the most potent combinations.

  1. He Bo: He Bo is a powerful force in his own right, with high magical damage and powerful combos, but two of him make for an absolutely deadly combination.  By combining He Bo’s Water Spout and Crushing Wave in sequence, players can juggle a single target through the air and strike it with two Ultimates in rapid succession.  Other Gods have similar combos, but He Bo’s capacity to knock up targets at long range make this the prime example, and in the late game, dealing more than 4,000 damage by the end of the four abilities is enough to send almost any God with any build back to the spawn

    Na Zhe Source:

  2. Ne Zha: The androgynous roller-skating boy doesn’t offer as much in the way of intricate combos, but makes up for it in simplicity.  The Third Lotus Prince can knock enemies into the air and lock them into a cutscene attack which, on paper, doesn’t look like too much damage, but Ne Zha’s strength comes from the capacity for those four hits to deal double damage due to critical hits, a feature most Gods do not have, and to be easily chained from one Ne Zha to the other, as Wind Fire Wheels telegraphs the enemy’s location long before the ability ends.
  3. Cabrakan: The Mayan Destroyer of Mountains makes the transition from purely damage-dealing combinations to utility.  While his Ultimate can still deal an incredible amount of damage, the secondary effect of creating a wall is more significant.  Normally, Cabrakan must physically intercede to keep players from escaping the semicircle-shaped obstruction, but with a pair of them, either opposite-facing or simply at either end of a narrow channel, trapping enemies becomes a simple matter.  Pairing Tectonic Shift with Cabrakan’s Tremors ability means that enemies will be hard pressed to escape, and ripe for being picked off by the other members of the team.
  4. Isis:

    Isis Source:

    The Egyptian Goddess of fertility is the only character with a capacity for Healing to make it onto the list, but she places highly due to the substantial healing she brings to the table.  Her Ultimate, Circle of Protection, reduces the amount of damage allied characters suffer while standing in it.  Additionally, as damage is dealt to players while they stand in the circle, it charges.  When Isis dies or activates the Ability again, the charges are expended and all allies inside the circle are healed, while all enemies are damaged.  A single Circle of Protection can deal 1,120 damage, before modification by items, as well as Healing 560 health, at the instant of detonation.  By combining two of these circles, enemies are forced to either retreat or risk being struck by an absolutely staggering amount of damage.  This combination of multi-targeting potential and the additional healing and damage reduction make this the second best choice, far and above those which came before.

  5. Ares: The God of War trumps this list, not because of his inherent damage potential, but because of the radical way

    Ares Source: Hi Rez Studios

    in which The Morrigan allows his potential in team-fights to change.  At the start of Season 3, Ares received an indirect debuff by making the acquisition of a relic which allows players to gain immunity to his Ultimate, No Escape, much easier than it had been in seasons past.  It’s common practice in many matches to see players pick up this relic to counter Ares, regardless of the rest of the enemy team’s composition.  However, the relic has a long cooldown period between uses, which The Morrigan can exploit expertly.  By using Changeling to turn into Ares, The Morrigan can rush into a team-fight in the making and use No Escape, forcing any players caught in the area to activate the relic to avoid being dragged into one spot and rapidly assaulted by the rest of the enemy team.  The Ares player can follow this up by quickly entering the fray as well, timing his activation of No Escape so that the 2.5-second delay between the activation of No Escape and its effects triggering happens exactly when the brief window of immunity to the duplicate Ares’ effect ends.  The rest of the team is then free to make use of the abilities of characters like Cabrakan, He Bo, or Poseidon to quickly kill those caught in the one-two punch.

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