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Top 10 Pokémon Games

With Pokémon GO‘s release, this week, we thought we’d bring you a Top 10 Pokémon Games list.

10 Pokémon - Emerald - Gameboy Advance - September 16th, 2004

Emerald was released later after Sapphire and Ruby.  The main Legendary is Rayquaza.  Emerald improved on many features that were included in the previous iterations and made it quite a large game.  The graphics and story were enhanced, it overall was quite a thrilling experience.  By Emerald, there were 386  Pokémon to catch and raise which was very impressive.

9 - Pokémon Platinum - Nintendo DS - September 13th, 2008

Platinum was released after Diamond and Pearl and the main Legendary is named Girantina.  Platinum, like Emerald, built on its predecessors but Platinum added a whole new dimensional way to play.  You will be able to explore the Distortion world, a world warped where time and space are completely muddled up.  Platinum enhanced many of the features from the previous games.  It added a new and improved wifi zone which could hold up to 20 players, the VS recorder had the ability to record your battles and records, if you didn’t catch a Legendary Pokémon at first, you would have a second chance at it after defeating the Elite 4 and many more.  That’s why I’ve made Platinum number 9 on the list.

8 - Pokémon X and Y - Nintendo 3DS - October 12th, 2013

 Pokémon X and Y had its first debut on the Nintendo 3DS.  They had a complete redesign, the battles played out more like the TV shows so it felt more real and all of the team looked amazing with new 3D graphics.  Not only were the graphics enhanced the story felt different to all the other games.  Friends would accompany you on your journey and fights would take place to see who was stronger and they added more of an in-depth emotional attachment to the storyline as you weren’t a solo adventurer anymore.  Also introduced to the series are Mega evolutions.  Mega evolutions evolved your team further on, for example, Charizard could become even better and look different, but to do this you need a Mega stone to that specific Pokémon.

7 -  Pokémon Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby - Nintendo 3DS - November 21st, 2014

Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby were remastered from the original Saphire and Ruby.  They added overhauled graphics like the X and Y versions and added the largest amount of catchable Legendary Pokémon.  One of the most notable features for me was being able to fly Latios and Latias around the skies of Hoenn, never before in a game was that done.  One of the features that made me keep going back to it were the online features, and interacting more with your team.  Like in X and Y, the online modes were competitive and a lot of fun.  Not only were those features big, the ability to create bases was brought back but this time you could visit other people’s bases and battle them inside it to gains flags.

6 -  Pokemon Red and Blue - Gameboy - February 27th, 1996

Red and Blue were the games that started it all, a simple turn-based strategy where you could raise the creatures you’d encounter, battle in gyms across Kanto and become the very best.  The original games were one of a kind and still are today and proved a hit worldwide among kids and adults.  Red and Blue put you in the shoes of a lone wanderer who trecked across the Kanto Region on a quest to stop Team Rocket and to defeat the Elite 4 to become the region’s champion.  You will face trainers, your rival, and the gym leaders.  Pokémon Red and Blue were simple but bursting with content and it still is popular today.

5 - Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red - Gameboy Advance - January 29th, 2004

Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red are both remakes of Red and Blue.  They both offered enhanced graphics, features ported over from other games to extend it and the ability to trade Pokémon across from other generation games also.  It was a critical success around the world and critics mention that while it added new features it still stayed true to the original.  I would love to see the original remastered again on the Nintendo 3DS.

4 - Pokémon Stadium - Nintendo 64 - August 1st, 1998

Now for something a little different.  Stadium was a full-fledged battling game where you could either battle in the campaign to become the ultimate champion, compete in some very addictive mini games, take the fight to your friends and the most important feature that I feel was unbelievable, was the feature to take your team off the Red and Blue cartridge and play them on a N64 for the first time on the big screen in full 3D graphics.  Stadium is still a hit today with fans wanting more from Nintendo, and I agree with them on that.  The battles were exciting, seeing the Pokémon you raised with beautiful graphics and effects made it feel like your team came to life. That is why Stadium is high on my list.

3 - Pokémon Soul Silver and Heart Gold - Nintendo DS - September 12th, 2009

The most notable feature of Pokémon Soul Silver and Heart Gold was its Pokéwalker device which looked like a Pokéball style Tamagotchi.  You put your team on it and basically walk, the longer you walk the stronger your team would get, it also felt like you could have your team by your side at all times.  Another feature was copied from Pokémon Yellow in which you could let your team follow behind you for the whole game.  Jhoto was my favourite region in the game and the amount of Pokémon added just made it feel all so much bigger.  Not only did it have some awesome features but it was graphically enhanced on the DS and sounded absolutely fantastic.

2 -  Pokémon Crystal - Gameboy Colour - July 30th, 2001

Pokémon Crystal holds a special place in my heart, it was the first Pokémon that felt like it had a true colour palette.  Again, as I mentioned in Soul Silver it added a lot more Pokémon to the table so it felt great catching new ones.  It also introduced my favourite Legendaries in the whole of the series.  As with the rest of the games, you must compete to become the ultimate champion, along the way you will face Team Rocket who attempt to take over the world yet again, fearsome gym leaders and the Elite 4.  It is a very large game in which you can also travel back to Kanto once you have finished in Jhoto so it added a lot of replayability.

1 - Pokémon GO - iOS and Android - July 6th, 2016

In a time full of war, terrorism and hatred along comes Pokémon GO.  GO lets you use your phones to go catch Pokémon using a GPS system.  Basically, you become the trainer you always dreamed of being.  GO is top on my list because it is just one of the most revolutionary games of all time and has brought so many groups of people together.  People of different religions are mixing with each other, people from different backgrounds meeting up and becoming friends, even Pokémon GO gatherings where people will buy food for the homeless and the homeless will then share with other players.  In a time of hell, Pokémon GO has brought the world together in peace and harmony and it makes me feel amazing.  This game is a brilliantly designed game full of infinite possibility and it gets people out of the house and interacting more with the world.

Here is the video to accompany the article made by one of the BLOT staff:


Did you enjoy this article and video?  If there are anymore Top 10’s you’d like to see please leave a comment below.


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