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BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 Games of 2016… So Far

The title is very self-explanatory; it’s a list of BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 Games released this year so far.  It’s high time to release the list, now that we are at the half-way point of the 2016 year, and there’s still a long way to go!

10. Ratchet and Clank  (PS4)
Now, there are a lot of people who just bought this purely for the nostalgia factor.  This remake of the original Ratchet and Clank title didn’t give us just nostalgia; they gave us a legitimately fun game.  All the familiar characters return, and all the levels are there, expect there’s more!  There are new areas, the maps are bigger, and the graphics are top quality.  It has everything a 3D platformer needs to offer and more, including the slightly aggravating camera angles that make you fall to your death.  Ratchet and Clank would have to be one of the unexpected hits of the year, and is far better than it rightly should be for a reboot.  It certainly earns a spot on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 list.  You can find our Ratchet and Clank Review here.

9. Quantum Break  (Xbox One, Windows 10)
Quantum Break was put to the test earlier this year, after a huge delay. Originally planning to release as a launch title for the Xbox One, it finally saw the light of day this year.  Although still having a generally positive response, it wasn’t without issue.  All in all the story of the game turned out interesting, and the live action sections didn’t hold it back either.  Perhaps not reaching its potential that it could have if it did launch alongside the Xbox One.  Quantum Break still managed to be a good game, despite the expectations from the gaming community being quite high.  All in all, it worked as a game and deserves to be among the list of BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 games of 2016.  Go and check out BLOT’s Quantum Break Review!

8. The Division  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
The Division was in the works for quite some time and had a lot of hype surrounding the release.  Any game with the Tom Clancy name on it will always have a huge fanbase ready to snap it up.  The Division really was no exception, despite being a completely different style of game than the TC name usually puts out.  The biggest difference is the fact that The Division is a Third-Person Shooter (TPS) and Role Playing Game ((RPG).  The large map modelled after Manhattan was a popular feature, with many people praising the attention to detail.  Perhaps confusing some people that are used to TC games being super-realistic military games, it definitely was strange to see an RPG release.  Perhaps not really in the ballpark for Game of the Year, but it is far from being bad.  Definitely worth picking up if you have friends playing it, and definitely worthy of its place on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10!  You can check out BLOT’s Tom Clancy’s The Division Review here!

7. Mirrors Edge: Catalyst  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
The sequel to one of the biggest cult hits of the last 10 years, Mirrors Edge.  On its announcement, the hype train absolutely took off! Unfortunately, on release, it almost took a wrong turn.  With such high expectations, it’s pretty difficult to live up to.  Luckily, though, the game lifted and delivered enough to hook us back into the story of Faith (The character, not the virtue).  Although only really offering a new story, bigger map, and no guns; it still was as much fun as the first title, being able to parkour our days away.  Despite offering a limited amount of new content, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst has still earned a spot on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 list.  Have a look at BLOT’s Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Review!

6. HITMAN  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Agent 47 has been through his fair share of ups and downs in the gaming industry.  Perhaps one of the questionable features of the newest title was the episodic release.  Hitman fans were rightly, not wanting to play the game piece by piece, but as a whole.  What nobody expected was that the game would be as stunning as it proved to be.  Stripping the game back to what makes it fun.  Players are praising the new episodic game as the most fun they’ve had since Hitman: Blood Money was released.  Never to be outdone apparently, the game offers stunning graphics, limitless ways to assassinate targets, and just generally exciting gameplay.  If you were questioning the game because of its episodic format, you don’t need to any longer.  This is a terrific game and rightly earns its place among the year’s Top 10 Games so far.

5. Dark Souls 3  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Far from being a stale idea, Dark Souls 3 proved that FromSoftware’s hit franchise is alive and well.  Gamers, both elite in the Dark Souls formula and new fans alike, have given the third title absolute rave reviews.  Some claim it to be the best of the series, some going as far as saying it’s the best game ever made.  Generally, though, gamers either love it or hate it.  You have to be some sort of masochist to get into Dark Souls to begin with, or just be a seasoned gamer with insane reaction time.  Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that the scope and enhanced gameplay over the previous two games in the series make it a strong game.  Dark Souls 3 murders its way onto the list at number 5 on our Top 10 Games!  Check out BLOT’s Dark Souls 3 Review!

4. XCOM 2  (PC)
XCOM 2 is probably among the best turn-based action games of recent times.  We won’t go as far as saying that it’s the best because XCOM Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within belong there.  Honestly, XCOM 2 is certainly the best turn-based action since the aforementioned Enemy Unknown.  The game offers better graphics, smoother gameplay, better everything.  Gamers everywhere have praised it for being everything they wanted, and more.  “Renews hope for future action-strategy games”, was one comment about the game.  It really is something pleasant to play when you’re tired of the same old deathmatch style shooter game.  It’s a game that is both intense and fast, but can be relaxing and smooth too.  If you’re into strategy and shooting aliens, XCOM 2 is a must-have.  Well deserved as number 4 on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 Games of 2016.  Go see BLOT’s XCOM 2 Review!

3. DOOM  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Games get rebooted almost daily right now, and a lot of them are either cringe-worthy and accidentally fun, or just downright garbage.  DOOM is not either of those.  This year’s reboot has blown the minds of almost every classic DOOM fan.  A lot of people are wary about these things, but when a game comes along and gives you this experience?  People have to start thinking that reboots actually might have a place in modern day gaming.  Getting into this game, you expect mindless shooting, no head-bob, gore, pretty much a better graphics version of the original, right?  Yes, gamers got exactly that, and more!  ID gave us something that felt like the classic, but they made it feel fresh.  Intricately weaved into the game are hints of current-gen gaming.  It meshed so well with the classic style that it was completely familiar but somehow unique.  From start to end the game is extremely fast-paced and gory, and fun!  The lack of identity in the multiplayer was possibly the only downside to an otherwise fun game.  Well worth the pick up if you just want to kill things.  DOOM tears its way into third place on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 Games of 2016.  Check out BLOT’s DOOM Review!

2. Uncharted 4  (PS4)
After quite a long break since the third title, Uncharted 4 hit the industry like a wrecking ball.  Despite not being what people expected, Uncharted 4 stunned the crowds.  This game will sum up the entire reason you decided to buy a PlayStation 4.  Naughty Dog delivers a familiar icing of lovable character on top of a cake of stunning graphics, the best story of the year, and next to no bugs or glitches.  The fourth game in the much-loved series delivers everything a Nathan Drake fan could have asked for, and then some.  It isn’t just polished gameplay, it is the attention to detail that will take players by surprise.  It’s the fun little comments that the characters throw back and forth, it’s the mud that cakes up on the wheels of the jeep.  The little detail will catch your eye and hold you there.  The game makes you want more, and it’s a physically tiring task to try and take a break from the experience.  If you are into action and adventure, look no further, because Uncharted 4 is one of the front-runners for Game of the Year so far in 2016.  Definitely worth grabbing, and certainly deserving of number 2 on this Top 10 Games list!  Check out BLOT’s Uncharted 4 Review here!

1. Overwatch  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Blizzard’s first IP for quite some time has taken the online multiplayer gaming industry by storm.  Overwatch came out over a month ago now, and there are probably still people that haven’t turned it off since release.  If you thought the games you are playing were addictive, then you haven’t felt the pull of the most exciting team-based shooter to hit the gaming industry in years.  The feeling that Overwatch gives players is almost a feeling of euphoria.  When you manage to find a team that all communicate and help each other out, there are not many games that can hold up to Overwatch.  All the characters are unique, quirky, and ridiculously fun to play.  Sure, the lack of any sort of offline single play is a little bit of a let-down, but the multiplayer is where this game would always shine.  There isn’t much to say about the game, but it’s addictive, it’s fun, it’s fast-paced,  it’s number 1 on BLOT Gaming’s Top 10 Games of 2016…  so Far, for a damned good reason.  If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out.  It’s the best multiplayer experience of the year by far.  Check out BLOT’s Overwatch Review or Beginners Guides!

Do you agree with our Top 10 Games of 2016?  Did we miss a game that should be here?  Or would you have changed the order?  Let us know in the comments below!

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