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Beat Cop Pre-Alpha Preview

Beat Cop is a Pixel Art Adventure Game that is set in New York inspired by 80’s cop shows, it is developed by Pixel Crow and published by 11 Bit Studios.  You play as a former detective named Jack Kelly who has been framed for murder and now has the chance to find out who did it by becoming a beat cop.

When you press the new game button there’s a little intro which not only looks amazing in pixel art, but you also get a feel of what the game is about.  Once that is over the game begins with you having a meeting with the boss and a few other cops.  You are given a list of people you have to visit and introduce yourself to as the new patrol officer on the street.

In between visiting people, you also have to keep an eye on where people are parking, double checking their parking meters, tyres, etc and also if there are any crimes going on in the area.

If the meters have gone over the hour well then it’s booking time and trust me when I say the people you write the ticket up for don’t seem to like it, and they may try to bribe you.  You have the choice of choosing to accept the bribe or reject it and continue to write the ticket, and when you reject it they have some not so nice words to say to you. You can also call a tow truck on the car if no one has turned up.

If there’s anything we’ve learned when playing new games it’s always best to restart it just in case you’ve missed something.  Say a clue for example or in my case not doing everything on the list.  

You only have to use your mouse which is simple for a game like this.  Using your mouse you can run a short distance until you get exhausted which can make running after a thief almost impossible.

The graphics and sound quality suit this type of game, especially when hearing the sirens go off when you catch a thief, it really makes it feel like you’re watching an actual cop show rather than playing one and the storyline so far seems to be interesting.

I’m quite excited to see how the developers will continue to build this game up and what else they will add in.


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